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Our Wildly Mysterious Sexual God

Sexually Speaking, What Will Help You Move Forward with Confidence?

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We’re Almost Half Way There, My Friends

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It’s Easy to Find Christian Advice on Sex

One Sexual Thing This Weekend…

Most Uncomfortable Place You’ve Had Sex?

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Wives, Want to Be Turned On By GIVING Him Oral Sex?

Finding Hope Amidst Pandemic Weariness

Does Your Marriage Need More Sexual Spontaneity?

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Do You Deny Your Spouse Sex? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself…

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Do You Remember What Attracted You to Each Other in the First Place?

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3 Tips on Managing Sexual Expectations Throughout Your Marriage

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Sex After the Super Bowl?! Great Way to Celebrate (or Console?!)

We Have a Book Winner! Woot! Woot!

5 Godly Ways to Reach Orgasm Besides Intercourse

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Skewed Messages About Sex Still Causing Damage in Your Life?

Is There Healthy Humor in Your Lovemaking?

3 Ways to Protect Your Marriage from Sexual Temptation

Turning 50 But Still Thinking Like a 20-Something

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What Will Make Sex GREAT for You?

Shannon Ethridge Launches New Website (And You’re Going to Love It!)

Are You the Reason Sex is a Struggle in Your Marriage?

7 Ways to Become a Confident Lover

Your Wife’s Sexual Arousal Comes with Signs. Pay Attention.

Husbands, It’s Not Just What You Do With Your Penis that Makes Her Pleasure Intense

Props to Harry and Meghan for Putting Their Marriage First

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5 Reasons You Should Have Sex Often When You Have Young Kids

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Will This Be the Year Sex in Your Marriage Gets Better?

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Pursuit of Passion Chapter 2: A Biblical View of Sex and Marriage

Making Your Bedroom a Great Place for Sex

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Oral Sex and the Wives Who Love Giving It

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VIDEO: Cultivating Sexual Intimacy in Your Marriage

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Sex and Your Marriage: Is It Too Late to Fix What’s Wrong?

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What Happened When We Couldn’t Have Sex (When We Really Wanted to Have Sex)

5 Ways to Make Sex Phenomenal (#3 is a Game Changer)

Sex Isn’t Everything in Marriage. BUT…

Marriage is Ideal Training Ground for Maturing and Relying on God

Touch Podcast and Shannon Ethridge Generating Much-Need Dialogue on Sex

Cleanliness is Oral Sex Friendliness

Young and Newly Married? Let Me Spare You of Some Sexual Regrets.

Cassie Celestain of True Agape is a True Sexual Intimacy Champion

Staying in a Sexless Marriage? 3 Ways to Cope.

Wives Who Fake It. But Really WANT to Come.

Marriage and Sex Get Messy Pretty Fast, Right?

Do You Both Value Sexual Pleasure?

Sexy Marriage Radio Digs Into Hot Topics on Intimacy

Are You and Your Spouse Ever Having Sex Alone?

Couple Perseveres to Reconnect after the Devastating Death of Their Baby Shortly After Birth

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Chronic Illness Ultimately Did Not Derail This Couple’s Sexual Intimacy

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3 Reasons to Invest in Your Marriage with Cherishing Us Marriage Devotional

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When It Comes to Sex in Marriage, What Would YOU Like Me to Blog About?

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Sheila Gregoire: A Faithful Voice for Healthy Marriages! 

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