Do You Have a Story of Hope Regarding Sex in Your Marriage?


story-of-sexual-hopeI spend a lot of time writing and speaking about sexual struggles in marriage.

I know there are so many marriages in a place of sexual disconnect and discouragement. Some couples have even gone years without nurtured sexual intimacy in their union.

BUT I also know there are stories of hope—stories of couples who were at one point in a sexual desert in their marriage, but through intentional effort and softened hearts, figured out how to overcome their struggles and experience a sexual paradise.

Do you have a story of hope regarding sex in your marriage?

Maybe as a young couple, you didn’t know how to communicate about sex and pleasure, but at some point, you learned, and your intimacy became stronger because of it.

Maybe you have experienced betrayal of some sort in your relationship, but through forgiveness and reconciliation and hard work, you were able to heal that division and discover renewed intimacy with each other.

Maybe the pain or shame of your past continued to decimate sex in your marriage, but you courageously found healing and were able to embrace the beauty of sex with your spouse.

Maybe you never spoke up about the touch and techniques you needed to feel intense pleasure, but you discovered by learning together, you and your spouse could both experience arousal and release.

Maybe when you were growing up, all you heard was that sex was duty or was gross, and you carried these narratives into your marriage. But then you learned what a gift from God sex is and you embraced a more positive narrative about sex and pleasure.

I don’t know your story. Maybe it is reflected in the scenarios above or in a completely different set of circumstances. What I do know is when we shed light on how things turned around for the better sexually, we give others hope, too.

If you have a story of hope regarding sex in your marriage, would you please share it with me?

I simply want to do a blog post with a number of short testimonies. And you can remain anonymous, if you would like.

“How do we share our story, Julie?!”

Simply email me at JKSIBERT@COX.NET   Put “Story of Hope” in the subject line. Be concise and write your story in 3-5 sentences. I am simply looking for short messages that would be encouraging to individuals or couples facing similar struggles. 

If you want to remain anonymous, simply tell me that, and I will put “Anonymous” under your story if I publish it. I reserve the right to decide which stories to include.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to share your story of hope.

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