Which Comes First: Attitude or Gratitude?


attitude-and-gratitudeThere’s been a lot of talk this year about gratitude. When the pandemic started to strip away so many things (health, security, conveniences, finances, routines, entertainment), we simultaneously saw a rise in generosity. 

Many companies, organizations and individuals stepped up to do what they could to support front line workers, relieve stress on struggling business owners and employees, encourage teachers, feed people who didn’t have enough food, and carry burdens that didn’t exist before the coronavirus crisis hit.

We were forced into a situation where we had to take stock of what was working in our lives—even if it was something small or that we previously had overlooked—and therein offer gratitude.

Well. Actually, we weren’t forced. The circumstances presented themselves and we had to choose.

So which does comes first: attitude or gratitude? We could probably argue it either way. If we express why we are grateful, our attitude often follows suit and we are enlightened to a more positive perspective. But it’s equally accurate to say if we resolve first to adopt a hopeful attitude, we likely see more things for which to be grateful.

It doesn’t matter which comes first. Attitude and gratitude are dance partners that work in tandem and feed off of each other’s company.

When you think of your marriage, how is your attitude and how is your gratitude? Are there little things for which you can be grateful that you previously took for granted?

And just so you know, I’m not trying to pollyanna everything. This year was horrible for me (and my marriage) in so many ways. I’m simply sharing that I know this much to be true: I can control my attitude and my gratitude. Though I may get down at times, what keeps me circling back is God’s steadfastness and profound love. 

I find it easier to see all for which I can be grateful if I simply breathe, look around, embrace a positive attitude and trust that His mercies are fresh every morning.

How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Which Comes First: Attitude or Gratitude?

  1. A says:

    It’s about aditude. It take two with aditude. Without knowing t I was able to marry my wife many many years ago because she had a survival aditude. Lots of illness but a drive to make things work. I’ve always been double my wifes size. We are grateful we have each other.

  2. A says:

    If I think back. We were raised to be tough. No crying no fuss about being sick or injured and don’t express much affection. Be some one important or go down as a failure. That may be the key to why it took years to be able to express love. It wasn’t cool to be that way.

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