Little Sexy Compliments for Your Spouse


sexy-complimentsMy husband hasn’t had his hair cut since the barbershops and hair salons were shut down due to the virus.

Shops are slowly opening for business, but his barber happened to retire right before the shutdown. He even said Randy’s haircut in March was one of the last ones before he closed up shop.

Needless to say, my husband is anxious to get his hair cut. But I’m anxious for him to not get his hair cut. I’m actually liking how it looks as it has grown out a bit. I never get to see this. He typically keeps it quite short, but I’m starting to find the thickness of his hair appealing. Even sexy.

So I told him. 

“You should let it grow out a bit more. I like it. It’s sexy. There’s more there for me to run my fingers through.”

He’s taking my suggestion under consideration. I’m not overly confident he will go much longer without a haircut, but a wife can always dream. Ha!

My point is that if you see something you find sexy about your spouse, say it! It doesn’t have to be a physical attribute. It could be anything, really. 

Compliments do a marriage good—including sexy compliments!

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1 thoughts on “Little Sexy Compliments for Your Spouse

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is such a struggle in my marriage.

    We’ve been married for over 15 years, and even going back to when we were dating, my husband deflects any & all compliments paid him…almost viciously. Doesn’t matter who they come from, he dismissed them as soon as they leave the sender’s lips.

    He has actually asked me to not compliment him. He’s asked me to not buy him things for Father’s Day, his birthday, or our anniversary. I tend to get cards and write sentimental notes in them.

    Recently, I told him how sexy he looked. He’s been stepping up his cardio and has lost some noticeable weight. His verbatim response: “Yeah, right. You have low standards to begin with. Just look at who you married.”

    About a year ago, he started to get some noticeable white hairs in his beard and chest. He tans very easily so in the summer, those little white hairs really stand out against his skin. It’s and incredibly sexy look to me – so distinguished-looking. But when I told him that, he scoffed and simply said that the white hairs meant he was getting old. Since we’re the same age, I asked if that meant I was old too. He said I wasn’t old to him, but he wasn’t going to tell me how to feel.

    He freely compliments me all the time for any range of things…from the outfit I’ve picked to wear to work to projects I’ve completed around the house. I always thank him sincerely, but will occasionally add in something like, “See, that’s how you respond when someone pays you a compliment.” It’s usually dismissed with a smirk, but one of the last times,I said that, he said, “doesn’t matter if you believe it. I have to believe it too for it to mean anything.”

    It may be foolish, but I’m not going to stop complimenting him. That said, I’ve got to get him some help. I was raised this way, and I mean them when I pay them. It carries over to other aspects of our marriage and lives. He never believes that I orgasm with him or that I’m satisfied with our sex life. He’s so adverse to compliments that he actually bailed on an event at work in which he was to be honored & recognized.

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