What Kind of Sex Will You Be Having on Election Night?


election-night-sexFirst, let me start with the disclaimer that I’m not making light of this presidential election. I know regardless of which side you’re on, there is a lot at stake.

I absolutely love our democracy. I love that we have the privilege to vote. And I hope all who could exercise that privilege have indeed done so. Some people are going to be happy about who will be our next president. And some people will be sad, angry and/or disappointed. Not surprisingly, this is true every single presidential election. (We seem to forget that?!)

Every single presidential election, some people are glad about the outcome and some people are unhappy about the outcome.

So as a wife who blogs about sexual intimacy in marriage, I can’t help but ask, “What kind of sex will you be having tonight?” (Or maybe tomorrow night or later this week, depending on when the final results come in).

Will it be celebratory sex? Or it will be consolation sex?

Or if you and your spouse stand on opposite sides politically, I guess the sex could be a little bit of both? Or maybe just an agreed relief that the political ads have ceased. Or maybe just stress relief, because Lord knows sex can be such an amazing way to relieve stress.

Again, I’m not making light here. I’m for real. Sex can be all kinds of things in a marriage (and should be!), and that includes at times being a place where you can celebrate and be glad, as well as at times where you can find deep consolation and comfort.

Lean in, my friends. Lean. In.

Sex is this beautiful privilege and opportunity in marriage. Find joy there. Find comfort there. Presidential elections are fleeting, but deep abiding relationship with the one you married shouldn’t be.

Celebrate with each other sexually. Console each other sexually.

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