Is 2021 Your Year for Relationship Resolutions?


relationship-goalsMy friends know I just love the start of a new year. Absolutely love it. Even though I know a new year isn’t a blank slate, that’s how I embrace it. It feels hopeful to turn the page from one year to the next.

Like a lot of you, I am soooo ready to turn the page and leave 2020 behind. But before we do that, it’s good to see that one of the gifts of 2020 has been clarity. Amidst so much loss and disruption, we were able to better see what matters most, including when it comes to our marriages.

I’m not saying it’s all been heart emojis. Certainly so many relationships have been tested and refined as our day-in day-out lives became a topsy turvy mess. For many couples, the refinement has helped them arrive at a place of greater appreciation for each other. For other couples, the chaos of 2020 revealed where there was some work to be done. For most of us, it was probably a little bit of both.

Is 2021 your year for relationship resolutions? You don’t have to use the word resolutions, of course. Maybe relationship goals? Or maybe you and your spouse simply need to have a conversation about ways you can grow closer—emotionally, sexually, spiritually.

With everything in me, I believe with each passing month in 2021, we are going to feel increasingly hopeful. Even if you don’t see a new year as a blank slate, can you embrace there are opportunities for you and your spouse?

Is 2021 your year for relationship resolutions? If so, start talking together about those now.

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2 thoughts on “Is 2021 Your Year for Relationship Resolutions?

  1. Don says:

    I resolved to totally abandon:
    1.) Any hope of my marriage getting better
    2.) Any further efforts on my part.
    3.) Any chance of ever having sex again for the remainder of my life.

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