Pursuit of Passion Chapter 2: A Biblical View of Sex and Marriage

I’m spending Thursdays giving you an overview of chapters of my book Pursuit of Passion: Discovering True Intimacy in Your Marriage. If you missed chapters that have already been reviewed, you can find those posts at this page.

As I have mentioned before, this book would be a great gift for an engaged or newly-married couple, so keep that in mind if you have people in your circle of influence embarking on marriage soon.

It also is full of tips for nurturing sexual intimacy throughout marriage, so even if you’ve been married awhile, you could still glean solid information to enrich your marriage.

In Chapter 2, my co-author Jeff and I start to dismantle myths about sex and instead offer a solid foundation of biblical truths.

A few excerpts…

“Unfortunately, most couples have never experienced what God intended sex to be. Why? For some, it’s because of missing or improper teaching or examples. For others, it is due to the guilt and consequences of going outside God’s design for them. And still for others, it is because sex was tragically used against them through abuse. All of these are rooted in the lack of a clear understanding of the sacredness of sex.”

“… discovering what God intended and combining those discoveries with skilled techniques will set your marriage on a trajectory of which most couples can only dream.”

We explore the value of seeing sex as an experience that envelops our body, soul and spirit. Grasping this perspective not only deepens the physical pleasure God designed into sex, but also the emotional and spiritual oneness that makes it even more profound.

At the end of each chapter, we offer a few questions to help generate good dialogue between a husband and wife about sexual intimacy.

Want to know more? You can check out our book website or go straight to Amazon. And definitely keep coming back on subsequent Thursdays as I unpack additional chapters.

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