This Video Could Change Your Marriage

What jump starts real breakthrough in sexual intimacy struggles?

Sometimes it’s when we hear the vulnerable journey of someone else who has struggled — and moved beyond that place of feeling stuck and hopeless.

That is why I am so compelled to share this video of Brad and Kate Aldrich.

With raw vulnerability they tell you how the fairytale they envisioned for their marriage unraveled — until they figured out how to build something authentic.

Be encouraged.

Be hopeful.

Be willing to take even baby steps toward something better.

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2 thoughts on “This Video Could Change Your Marriage

  1. elovesc33 says:

    Great story, thanks for posting this on your blog, Julie. Looking forward to more of Brad & Kate’s story.

  2. The Man says:

    Their story is inspiring. But, both of you have to recognize that the relationship is sinking to save it.

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