One Sexual Thing This Weekend…


one-sexual-thing-this-weekendIf you have become lackadaisical about sexual intimacy in your marriage, what could you do to start to change that pattern?

Why not start this weekend? Don’t keep postponing what you know you could do now.

There are many marriages that don’t have huge sexual struggles. But they do have sexual disconnect. Sex has fallen by the wayside, but the sexual connection is still redeemable. All is not lost.

If that describes your marriage, could you do something this weekend? One sexual thing? Touch sensually. Kiss passionately. Initiate. Reach for your spouse’s hand. Offer a backrub. Express desire.

I don’t know what one sexual thing you could do to stir the two of you out of your sexual slumber. But you do.

Why not do that one sexual thing this weekend?

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