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BETTER Sex in Your Christian Marriage

Don’t Tease. Unless You Will Follow Through.

Here’s the deal ladies… men don’t like to be teased sexually.

It may seem like lighthearted fun to you, but if you are arousing your husband sexually — and aren’t willing to follow through — this is annoying him.

Maybe even frustrating him.  Possibly even compelling him to question how much you truly desire him.

I don’t know your husband, so obviously I could be wrong.  But I’m guessing I’m right.

Ask 100 men if they find it “fun” when their wives tease them sexually without any legitimate intention to really have sex, and I would be willing to bet all or nearly all of them will answer with a definitive “no” — they do not find this humorous at all.  (Don’t take my word for it, though.  Ask your husband for his opinion on this).

Now, on the other hand, if you are playfully teasing him sexually and you both consider this some of the best foreplay, then by all means — tease to your heart’s delight!  Just make sure you are being authentic.

There’s nothing better than expression of genuine desire for the lover you married.    Be a tease — one who is 100% serious about following through on her playful suggestions.

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