Being Intentional about Sex with a New Podcast for Christian Wives

I’m excited to have a guest post today from my friend J. Parker of Hot Holy and Humorous.

Like me, she is a Christian wife who has a heart for encouraging others in this area of sexual intimacy in marriage. I love this gal. So authentic. So funny. So kind.

J has joined together with some other friends of ours to put out a fabulous new podcast, Sex Chat for Christian Wives.  Thank you J for sharing today…

If I’ve learned anything about improving marriage and sexual intimacy in marriage, it’s this: You must be intentional.

It’s a core message on Intimacy in Marriage that you don’t naturally fall into intense effort and great habits. Rather, without ongoing care, we atrophy — the muscles of our now-squishier bodies, the brain cells of our TV-hypnotized minds, the strength of our strained marital bonds.

The slumps of our sex lives also need our intentional attention.

That’s why we blog, why Julie is presenting a Pursuit of Passion event for wives, and why myself and three other marriage bloggers — Bonny Burns of OysterBed7, Gaye Christmus of Calm.Healthy.Sexy., and Chris Taylor of The Forgiven Wife — have launched a new podcast titled Sex Chat for Christian Wives.

We want to help wives become intentional about their sexual intimacy so that we are fostering the best we can have in our marriages and enjoying this gift from God.

But we also know how busy y’all are. Why? Because we’re overwhelmed wives too, juggling various roles and wondering when the plates are going to come crashing down. Sometimes, I’m just sweeping up the broken china of my day, so to speak.

Which is why we launched this podcast. Because then you can get biblically based insight about sexual intimacy while you’re driving to pick up your kids from piano lessons or sports, while you’re laundering the thirteenth load of the day, while you’re commuting to your full-time job, or while you’re walking the neighborhood to get a smidgen of exercise and fresh air.

You literally click a few buttons on your phone or MP3 player, and voila! you are plugged into our latest episode. It’s another, and rather easy, way to be intentional about this important aspect of intimacy in marriage.

Intentionality is also key to getting in the mood. Which is the subject of our first episode of Sex Chat for Christian Wives. In our roundtable discussion, we cover several different ideas for helping wives learn how to strike the match and stoke the fires of sexual arousal.

The second episode addresses sexual positions, knowing — as Julie says — that we are housewives, not gymnasts. So we get practical about how to expand your position repertoire in your marriage bed.

The third episode addresses Fifty Shades Darker, now out in theaters, and like stories that can affect how we view sex. We look at this current issue in our culture through the lens of our Christian worldview.

You can find all three episodes by heading to our website and/or various podcast providers. We’d also love for you to follow us on social media.

iTunes Podcast

Once we get a bit more settled, we’ll invite guests on our program as well. And we already have Julie Sibert at the top of our invitation list!

We’d love for you to listen, and be sure to keep reading Intimacy in Marriage — a great way to stay intentional about the sex in your marriage and to find out when Julie will be joining Sex Chat for Christian Wives.

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