Guess What I Found When Digging Through Books?


debi-walterI don’t think I have it in me to be a minimalist. But I think I want to come close.

So in that spirit, I am determined to go through every area of the house that contains the stuff I can actually go through (meaning not my husband’s stuff).

If you want the back story on why I am so motivated to bring more peace to my surroundings, read my post Is There Too Much Clutter Robbing Your Marriage?

Today I started tackling books. I am a bookhound in the worst best way, so decluttering in this arena is like going for my own jugular.

But I figure if I can conquer book organization, everything after that will be easy peasy. (If you want to see a photo of how I turned a closet into bookshelves, check out this post).

Mind you I’m not getting rid of all my books. Far from it. What I am doing is getting rid of the ones I know I won’t read or that didn’t have much impact on me. Who among us hasn’t bought a book at some point and thought, “Oh, that looks interesting!”—only to have it sit on a shelf unopened for 15 years?! Charge me guilty.

I’m also determined to organize the books I have so that I can easily reference them. This is a bit of an issue for me. I remember something I read in a random book, and then I spend 45 minutes looking for said book.


This book decluttering adventure revealed that I have TWO copies of Debi Gray Walter’s family memoir “Through the Eyes of Grace“—a beautifully-written epic tale about her grandmother Grace’s life.

Debi and I have been friends for quite some time, because she and her husband have the marriage blog The Romantic Vineyard. Debi has such a genuine encouraging spirit. My only regret about our friendship is that we live half a country apart. She calls Orlando, Florida, home and I’m smack dab in the middle of the midwest in Omaha, Nebraska.

I remember reading “Through the Eyes of Grace” when Debi released it in 2012. I love true stories in the same way I love old photos. There’s just something about imagining what someone was like when they were young, and family memoirs and old photos allow us to do just that.

Because I have an extra copy of the book, I want to give it away.

If you want to be considered for the drawing, simply comment on this post and share why you think it’s important for families to pass down stories.

REMEMBER I moderate my comments, so that means I have to go in and approve them before they appear. (I get a lot of spam comments on the posts about intimacy, so that’s why I moderate). Approval of comments is just a formality for a post like this, but be patient if you don’t see your comment right away.

BE SURE to include an actual email address. It doesn’t appear in the comments when I approve them, but it is how I will get ahold of you if I draw your name to receive the book.

TO BE ENTERED IN THE DRAWING Comment on the post by 10 PM Central Time, Sunday, July 19. Of the comments I receive, I will randomly draw a number, and the comment that corresponds to that number will be the winner of the book. I will reach out to you via email to get your mailing address and will drop the book in the mail.

The book is quite the gem, so I’m excited I found an extra copy to give away!

I wish I could tell you that next I will be organizing all my gold jewelry and that I am bound to find a bunch of duplicates to give away.

“…all my gold jewelry” That’s hilarious.

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5 thoughts on “Guess What I Found When Digging Through Books?

  1. Troy says:

    The book would be for my wife because she likes to read. Passing things down like stories to your children, grandchildren or even great grandchildren is important and fun to know where they came from and the history of how things were different and some things are very similar. Thanks Julie for all you do!

  2. Rebecca says:

    It’s important to pass down not only the history and older tales in a family so that the it’s not lost but also there’s a lot of wisdom to be shared and passed down as well. We can learn so much from our more experienced family members. I have a friend that has a side hustle where she goes and visits with the senior members of families and records their stories to be shared with the family.

  3. Lori says:

    I have a copy and so enjoyed reading it. Sweet story of redemption. (Just wanted to give the book a thumbs up. If I win, please just pass the copy on to the next gal.)

  4. Running Deeper says:

    I have quite an extensive library but it’s “stuck” in Asia where we minister and 2 of my kids live in the US and the other 2 live in Australia. I have pondered upon what to do with my library (we have bought our kids books when we think they would read and proffer from it) and my wife gave me the idea to pass it on to our local church we attend as they have announced that they are just starting up a library.

    But Julie you just gave me an idea! I shall ask my kids if they are interested in any of my books and then pass it on to them. Otherwise they will all go to our church library. Thanks for that thought!!

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