Sexually Speaking, When Was the Last Time You…

initiated sex with your spouse?

tried a new sexual touch?

told your spouse what really turns you on sexually?

thanked God for the intimacy in your marriage bed?

had a difficult, yet needed, conversation about sexual struggles in your marriage?

sought out a solid Christian resource on sex?

talked to a doctor about physical problems you’re having with intimacy?

encouraged a young married couple to make intimacy a priority?

were playful during sex?

had sex someplace other than your bed?

got away for a romantic overnight or weekend?

spent more time on foreplay?

told your spouse what sex means to you?

let your spouse undress you?

made love with the lights on?

discreetly touched your spouse sensually in public?

took the time to pay close attention to your hygiene before intimacy?

gave your spouse a backrub?

spent extra time giving your spouse incredible sexual pleasure?

looked at your wedding album or wedding video?

asked your spouse what turns them on?

gave your spouse a passionate kiss?

undressed your spouse?

tried a different sexual position?

went on a really great date?

Let’s get the year rolling right by using the above questions to spur good conversation and connection with your spouse. I challenge you to add more questions in the comments, so we can all continue to make intimacy a priority this year!

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