Could the Church Be Talking About Sex More? YES!


discussion-in-church-on-sexOne of the great benefits of speaking and writing about sex in marriage is I get to network with other people who also are speaking and writing about sex in marriage!

Some of them I have met in person; others I have connected with via phone calls, social media and the internet. In another era, we would have had a tough time finding each other, but through the advantages of technology, voila! It is a huge blessing of technology, in my opinion.

We are scattered across the country, but we all are strong advocates for healthy sexual intimacy. Collectively, we are trying to create authentic dialogue about sex, as well as encourage couples on issues relating to intimacy. 

We are Christians who hunger to increase and deepen the conversation about sex, not only in the body of believers, but also in individual marriages.

Today I want to point you to two of those champions for intimacy—Dr. Jessica McCleese and Pastor David Barringer. In this video, they unpack the question, “Why isn’t the church talking about sex more often?” Their discussion, though, goes way beyond that and digs into insights that I think many couples would find quite helpful regarding their own intimacy.

You can find the video at this link. Thank you, Jessica and David!

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