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oral sex in marriageRecently a young wife emailed me, asking for tips on giving great oral sex when she and her husband were on an upcoming vacation.

Kudos to her for wanting to bring her husband this pleasure and for reaching out to ask for tips on how to make it even better!

So below are 5 tips on giving great oral sex to your husband on vacation (Or at home. Seriously, why would anyone limit this pleasure to a hotel room?!):

1 Ask him what feels good.

This seems like a simple one, right?  Well, you wouldn’t believe the number of women who won’t offer oral sex to their husbands because they are afraid they won’t do it “right.”

I’m not going to say there aren’t some techniques that make it more enjoyable, but trust me on this — you can’t really go “wrong” if you show effort and enthusiasm.

So my suggestion is try different things and ask him for feedback.  Guys, please give feedback.   If ever there was a skill perfected through trial and error and lots of practice, this is definitely one!

2  Don’t just use your mouth.

Somewhere along the way, we totally got the idea that oral sex is only about the mouth. Not the case, ladies.

I would be willing to bet my very last dollar that if you also make good use of your hands and breasts, you will discover that most phenomenal oral sex for your husband is rarely just oral.  His penis is not particularly finicky in the attention it craves.

If your husband is like most husbands, he wants his wife to touch him with her entire body. This is as true during oral sex as it is during intercourse.

3 Speaking of your hand…

Okay, if you use your hand and mouth at the same time, this tends to offer the right amount of pressure around his penis in a rhythmic and wet motion that is irresistible.

Ask him to give you a good sense if more or less firmness in your grip is what he needs.  As your hand slides up his penis, wrap it up over the top and then back down as your mouth comes over the head of his penis. Just an idea.

4 Do it because you like bringing him pleasure.

I hear from wives who think oral sex is disgusting, and that makes me a little bit sad.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  I know that some women have really strong gag reflexes and there are aspects of oral sex that take some getting used to.

If you as a wife are having a hard time with oral sex, I encourage you to simply reframe your perspective on it.

This is the man you married and with whom God desires you enjoy an exclusive sexual relationship.  Nowhere in the Bible do we see that oral sex between a husband and wife is forbidden (if anything, we see scriptures in Song of Solomon that would indicate oral sex is a good and holy thing in matrimony).

Guys, be sensitive about what will make the experience easier for her.  Shower before you come to bed.  Cleanliness can go a long way in making oral sex enjoyable (for both a husband and a wife, by the way).

If she can’t swallow, don’t make this a deal breaker.  While I know many guys have said that their wife swallowing is a big turn on and makes them feel valued and loved, I also know that for some women, it’s just not possible.

Also, as a husband, you can’t push yourself into her mouth, as tempting as that may be because everything is feeling so good right in that moment.

You really need to let her drive this experience.  Offer feedback and affirm her when she’s getting it right.  If you can’t talk in that moment, any happy expression of ecstasy will do.

I mean, don’t wake the neighbors or small children down the hall, but you get the idea.

5 Draw the experience out.

Oral sex leaves a lot of room for tantalizing creativity.  There is so much freedom in being able to bring him to the edge and back down a bit and then bring him to the edge again.

The more confident you grow in using your entire body, particularly your hands, mouth and breasts on his penis, the more exciting it will be for him.

And don’t forget that most guys are incredibly visual when it comes to sexual stimulation.  It will probably be a big turn on for him if he can watch you pleasure him orally. You don’t need the overhead light on, but maybe a closet light or some candlelight or a nightstand lamp? (Or if you are camping, maybe a well-placed flashlight?!)

So, all the above being said, are you willing to get outside your comfort zone and make the next romantic getaway more memorable with some awesome oral sex?

(Word to the wise, you don’t need to wait for the vacation. You could start tonight).

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