3 Tips to Have Awesome Sex on Valentine’s Day


sex-on-valentines-dayFebruary 14.

It’s the equivalent of the Super Bowl for florists, jewelers, chocolatiers and chefs at top notch restaurants. It’s go time! This is their moment to shine.

I’m not begrudging the traditional tokens of love. Who doesn’t love a box of chocolates?! But don’t rule out other pathways to romantic jaunts beneath the sheets.

Let’s see what we can do about getting you two naked on Friday.

Here are 3 tips to have awesome sex on Valentine’s Day:

1. Be sexually playful early

Not only does foreplay begin in the kitchen, it also begins early in the day!

Before rushing out the door, be affectionate with each other. Linger a bit longer in a hug and let your hands wander. Share a passionate “you know what I’m thinking” kiss.

Yes, I know. You need to be somewhat discreet if the kiddos are around. But you are pros! You know how to be sexually suggestive with your spouse in ways that just the two of you appreciate. You’ve got this.

And be sexually playful with some sticky notes left in random places. Brief cases. Lunch boxes. Cars. Send a text or two that lets your hottie know you are thinking of them and are looking forward to some alone time with them later.

Let’s not forget the word Day in Valentine’s Day. Let your sexual pursuit play out over the entire day. When we foster good sexual desire throughout the day, we are more likely to stay the course with exhilarating sexual pleasure into the night.

2. Choose simple pleasures over fancy plans

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I think people often make elaborate plans for the evening, and then they’re too wiped out to really enjoy sex.

You’re in a food and wine coma. The twice baked potato, filet mignon, baked Alaska and fine Merlot  leave you drowsy. Sure, by the end of the evening, you want to unbutton your pants, but only because you want to crash on the couch rather than get frisky beneath the sheets.

So it’s just an idea, but maybe opt for simpler pleasures. What about ordering a favorite meal from a local restaurant and having it delivered to your home? Or what about picking a romantic movie to watch early in the evening in the comfort of your living room—before you make your way to the bedroom?

If you have kids, grab some pizzas and do something fun with them at home and then get them to bed early.

The thing with Valentine’s Day is that we’ve often made it so much about grand gestures, particularly in the evening. Maybe a better approach is to pay closer attention to simple pleasures that give us margin and energy to connect sexually.

3. Actually have sex.

For married couples, what if Valentine’s Day was a lot less about romance for romance’s sake, and a lot more about sexual oneness. Don’t get me wrong, any day in marriage can be a sexual holiday. But because Valentine’s Day is a holiday focused so much on love, let’s talk about one of the most loving gifts you can give each other as spouses. The gift of sexual enthusiasm!

Express your sexual desire, be intentional about pursing each other, and revel not only in your spouse’s pleasure, but also in your own.

Have sex this Valentine’s Day. When you embrace it with eager anticipation, it is bound to be awesome!

Any other ideas for connecting sexually on the day designated as all about love? Let’s be champions who encourage passionate sexual connection in marriage. Who’s with me on this?!

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  1. Troy says:

    You make a great point that “any day” can be a sexual holiday. If folks made more of an effort to celebrate this gift they have been blessed with a lot more often then just imagine the love they would outwardly express! Love like there’s no tomorrow and have no regrets. ❤️

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