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Five Truths About Sexual Confidence

(This post is a companion piece to a guest post I did over on TheMarryBlogger site titled “I Think the Proverbs 31  Wife Liked Being On Top.”  Check that one out and then let me know what you think of the below post!)

Sexual confidence? Do you think it is something relegated to “hot” Hollywood types or scantily-dressed women with flat stomachs and big breasts?

Be careful to not buy easily-promoted lies.  Sexual confidence is not about what is portrayed on a movie screen or in provocative advertising or media.

Unfortunately (and sadly), those are exactly the surface barometers many people use to gauge sexual confidence.

There are many wives (maybe yourself included) who think, “I just can’t be confident in bed.  I don’t know how.  I don’t even know if it would be morally right.”

But the best potential for sexual confidence is actually IN marriage.  That is the only place where God intended sex to be savored and uninhibited… where sexuality doesn’t occur against a backdrop of skewed sexual messages doled out on magazine covers and movie screens.

Here are five truths to consider:

1. You aren’t flying solo.  You have a guidebook.

1 Corinthians 7:3-5 is the clearest reference in the Bible that a husband and a wife should not withhold their bodies from each other.  That means that both are encouraged to initiate sex.  Initiation is one indicator of confidence, so it stands to reason that if you want to be more confident, initiate sex more (even if you don’t feel confident initially).

For more reading that exudes sexual confidence in its right context, read Song of Songs, a small book in the Old Testament that shows the wonderful gift of sexual intimacy within marriage.

2.  Sexual confidence is a learned behavior.

You can learn to arouse your husband.  Instead of just going through the motions of how you typically make love, try extended caressing. Start with a good mix of light and firm touches… all over your husband’s body.

As women, we think a man’s penis is the only thing he wants touched.  Guess again.  Get to know his entire body with your hands, fingertips, fingernails, breasts and tongue. Don’t limit yourself to his penis, but travel all over his body.

3. Body image is not nearly as important as attitude.

I recognize that many women struggle with body image…their weight or their not-so-flat stomachs or their breasts that show the wear and tear of caring for babies, etc.  But let’s put things in their right perspective.  The “perfect” image perpetuated by Hollywood and advertisers does not represent the majority of people.

Instead of lamenting about what you see as every single physical flaw, take a good look at your attitude.  You have the right and the ability to sexually arouse your husband.

Until you embrace that perspective, sexual confidence will always elude you…to the detriment of yourself and your husband.

4. Vulnerability actually can help your confidence.

If you are feeling hesitant about being more confident in bed, talk to your husband about this.  If you together have never talked about sex, this can feel awkward.  But do you really want to sacrifice great sex on the altar of “awkwardness”?

I believe the more you talk about sex, the more comfortable you become talking about sex.  This can include (but not be limited to) sharing about what turns each of you on, what you are confused about, etc.

5. Praying about sexual confidence can make a difference.

Yeah, sounds just plain crazy doesn’t it?  To cry out to the Lord about your sexual confidence?  But we serve and love a Lord who cares deeply about every aspect of our life.  And sex was His idea!

Think of someone who has created the most amazing exclusive resort.  You are invited to the resort but not quite familiar with all its features…the hidden waterfall, the secluded white sand beach, the complimentary spa, the homemade chocolate chip cookies brought to your door if you just ask, etc.

Don’t you think the resort creator wants you to enjoy EVERY aspect of the resort?  Don’t you think he wants you to know what is rightfully yours?   That is how God thinks about sex in marriage.  Ask Him to help you embrace sex as a playground of Godly delight.

You are an amazing woman, formed by God’s own hands in His image.

You’re hot.  And sexual satisfaction in your marriage can go to heights you maybe have never imagined.

Why not start tonight taking even one baby step in that direction?

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