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3 Things I Want You to Know About Me and My Blog

As a Christian wife who blogs about sex in marriage, I am in a pretty small camp.

(Although I’m beyond grateful that I do not camp alone… see the end of my post for links to other gals whose voices are undeniably making a difference as well).

Nearly all of you reading this do not know me personally (but a few of you do).

The fact anyone reads the blog encourages me and gives me hope that some how some way, through God’s tender intention, my blog is positively impacting marriages.

I want to share 3 things about me and this blog…

1. I am a real person.

Like all of you, my life has its own share of chaos, confusion and clutter.

At the end of any given day, I still have things I wish I would have been able to check of my list.  And I likely have no idea what we’re having for dinner.

I share this with you to simply ask for some grace if I do not quickly approve your comments or respond to your emails.

My heart is to give more of myself to this blog, but not at the expense of time with the man who made me his wife and the boys who call me mom.

I also take care of an elderly parent, so there’s that. A privilege and honor, yes. And something that requires of me somewhat diligent time management skills.

Please just know that I am a real person, complete with my own slew of flaws, insecurities and questions.  I know I miss the mark sometimes in the things I write.

And I know that each blog post I write will not resonate or apply to every married person who reads it.

It’s impossible to write a post that will speak to every situation, because you know as much as I know — each marriage is intricate and unique and wrought with its own challenges and details.

When you read my words, though, trust me — you are glimpsing into the heart of a real person.  Who is trying.  To encourage marriages.

2. I appreciate the dialogue on my blog, even when we don’t agree.

I am humbled by the call upon my heart to tackle this topic of sexual intimacy in marriage.

I do greatly appreciate the dialogue and hearing from you, even those of you who think I’m completely off track.

Also, I think this is a given, but it is worth pointing out anyway — simply because I approve a comment doesn’t mean I agree with it.

My approval of a comment — simply allowing it to appear —  is not an endorsement of the ideas or theology expressed in that comment.

Sometimes we agree. Sometimes we don’t.

That being said, I don’t approve comments with vulgar language or that suggest things like pornography use, adultery, etc.  Comments of those sort don’t offer any value to my blog or my readers, in my opinion.

3.  I am in the process of having my site re-designed.

Most bloggers have their sites redesigned every 2-3 years.  My site hasn’t changed significantly in 5 years.  Time for a re-design for a number of reasons.

I welcome any insights you have about what you like or don’t like to see on a website/blog.

Some of you are internet and blogging champions.

You’ve got this figured out waaayyyy better than I do.

You know what works, and maybe you stop by my site and think, “That girl has gotta do some things differently!”

Seriously, if you have ideas on website features you think are the bomb, please comment on this post with those ideas.

(I’m not begging for your input, but… well… I kind of am begging).

I will again use WordPress as my platform, so maybe you even know of really cool WordPress plugins that I should consider.

Okay, now that we covered those three things I wanted to share, without further adieu here are some other women who I think offer such priceless contribution on this topic of sexual intimacy in marriage:

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Thank you again for letting me share! I am extremely grateful to hang out in a little corner of the internet and blog about sex in marriage.  So, so grateful.

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