Tim Hawkins and Date Night Dallas

Hey all!   I’m in Dallas as I write this ( 6:55 central time 6/20)…

I’m at the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries Conference getting ready to kick it all off with comedian Tim Hawkins!  If you haven’t heard this guy, check out his YouTube channel. (If you are following along right now, you can follow on twitter with #datenightevent)

Some hilarious Tim Hawkins’ videos…

Tim, John and Bob on Marriage

The Wife Song: Things To Not Say To Your Wife

Tim on Hand Sanitizer

Tim on Dangerous Toys

Tim on Noah’s Ark

To find out more about these “date night events,” check out the date night site or check them out on Facebook!

To find out more about the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries, visit the AMFM site.

The AMFM is committed to doing all they can to encourage couples in their marriages and to strengthen families.  Great place for a variety of resources.

Stay tuned! I’m sure I’ll have more to share about the conference!

3 thoughts on “Tim Hawkins and Date Night Dallas

  1. Shelly says:

    My son was there Monday night with the youth group. Hubby and I had a nice date night at home 😉

  2. JulieSibert says:

    Thanks Shelly for the comment!! It has been a good conference, and Tim Hawkins starting off on Monday night was the best. I hope your son enjoyed it. And, of course, I hope you and hubby enjoyed your alone time at home!! Yeah!!

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