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Encouraging Post-Menopausal Women to Not Give Up on Sex…

Not long ago, I received an email from a reader, and I thought it could encourage other readers.

In what she shares below, she mentions supplements and sex toys.  I realize some of you may have concerns about those.  Certainly I encourage you to pray, talk openly with your husband and consult your medical care professional with any questions.

What compelled me most about her story is that she didn’t give up!  She didn’t give up on enjoying sex with the man she married.

There is hope we can glean from her journey…

Please encourage post-menopausal women not to give up on having great sex in the bedroom. Our husbands crave it and we need it, whether we believe it or not.


For the first time in almost 7 years, I have been able to experience FIREWORKS!! with my husband and we are so thrilled! A 60-year-old friend told me that for her, it took some iodine supplementing (for cold extremities), and a good vibrator, and now she and her husband were having a wonderful time.


For me, the iodine was somewhat helpful, but most helpful of all was using the vibrator, and changing my thoughts about our sexual relationship.  I had dreaded menopause because I had heard that it totally changed the marriage bed experience (dryness, low-libido, ‘sparklers’ instead of ‘4th of July fireworks’) and since these same things were happening to me, I settled for a less satisfying experience (though we had fun at our weekly date night, and were dedicated to figuring this problem out).


Then came the aforementioned evening that gave me hope.  We needed the vibrator, and the push-start from the supplement.


Yes, it felt sort of weird and humbling and time-consuming to give guidance to my husband’s caresses and to do lots of experimentation (one revelation was that it took almost 15 minutes of patient, loving direct stimulation for me to reach ‘O’ and I needed to give my brain over completely to the experience.!)   It is not the same hormone-crazed coupling that we experienced in our 20s and 30s, and 40s…that’s true, but is is satisfying and rich. We are having such fun!!!


Definitely, the Christian marriage blogs have been very instrumental in helping me to change my mindset and believe that God would be pleased to bless our efforts in this area instead of me settling for getting close, but not quite hitting MY target.


My husband is totally faithful, trustworthy and God-focused, and that has helped me to put my confidence in him, especially when he praises my body and tells me how much I satisfy his needs.


I have always believed that God answers prayer, but now I see that He even delights to answer a long-standing prayer request that I thought was perhaps selfish.   Hopefully this will help someone who is in great need of encouragement. We serve an awesome God!!


I appreciate that she was willing to share.  I pray you are encouraged as well!

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