Sex Sometimes is Just Good Ol’ Stress Relief!


stress-relief-sexThese are stressful times, people. Stressful times.

And truth be told, our household was already immersed in some debilitating stress before the upheaval of a pandemic began to work its way across the world.

So the pandemic and social distancing and homeschooling… well, suffice to say, our cup runneth over in the stress department.

So let’s talk about sex in marriage as stress relief.

And just so you know, I realize I already have lost some of you on this topic, because sex in your marriage is a source of stress—not a reliever of it. If you already were neck-deep in sexual struggles before the virus impacted our collective lives, then I understand this post isn’t in your wheelhouse right now. I get that. My heart grieves with you over those struggles.

But for many of you reading this, you hear what I’m saying about sex as stress relief, right?! Whether we are talking about run-of-the-mill stress or stress brought about by unknowns prowling the perimeter, sex sometimes is just good ol’ stress relief!

How exactly is sex stress relief?

1. We experience a release when we climax.

All these wonderful things flood our bodies during an orgasm, from waves of pleasure to the release of the hormones dopamine and oxytocin. After an orgasm, the hormone serotonin shows up, which has this incredible calming effect.

It’s like God thought of EVERYTHING!

Countless people report sleeping better after making love. A good night’s rest is definitely beneficial to reducing stress, so if sex can help us get that good night’s rest, how fabulous is that little side benefit?

2. Sexual intimacy is a physical activity.

Just like going for a run or hitting the gym can help mitigate stress, so can making love. So get your workout in, people. And if that “workout” happens to be horizontal in bed, all the better!

3. Sexual intimacy fuels our sense of oneness.

From an emotional, spiritual and psychological standpoint, sex helps us feel united and “on the same page” in navigating the stress of life. Sex is comforting and reassuring, and who doesn’t need more comfort and reassurance when life is taking its toll on you?

There are times when my husband and I make love when I know our main goal is stress relief.

The day has bulldozed us several times over and we just need to end on a high note. A relaxing note. A stress free note.

I also have to add that when mama and daddy experience stress relief, it’s good for the entire household. Not that you need more incentive to make love when feeling stressed, but you can totally chalk it up to stellar parenting. As husband and wife, just lock yourselves in your bedroom and say to each other, “It’s for the children. We have to do this for the good of the children.”

So there you have it! Sex sometimes is just good ol’ stress relief. In all seriousness and in all hilarity, for the sake of your sanity, make love!

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2 thoughts on “Sex Sometimes is Just Good Ol’ Stress Relief!

  1. Troy L Ephriam says:

    Very Grateful for the insight and candid revelations. It’s makes a difference and surely helps couples to openly discuss, engage and allow the benefits to take hold of their marriage bed. Thank you for putting it all out there

  2. Ronnie says:

    The problem is, when I am stressed, I find sex relaxing and I feel better all over, but my wife is the opposite. If she is stressed, sex is the last thing on her mind and she never wants it. Stress all week, means no sex that week. She also doesn’t like to use sex as a stress reliever, she says sex is for when you are both horny.

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