Sexy Blogs? Could I Be One of Them?

What is so cool about marriage blogging is that you begin to “meet” all these other amazing bloggers who share a passion for nurturing marriages.

I’m humbly blessed in this regard.

My fellow bloggers teach me so much — about my own marriage, about writing, about encouraging, and even about the technical stuff of blogging (Lord knows I need all the help I can get in this regard!)

Now YOU have an opportunity to tell all of us how we make a difference in your lives.

Stu Gray of Stupendous Marriage is doing his annual list of Top 10 Marriage Blogs.

So, please skedaddle on over to his site so you can nominate the marriage blogs you think rock!

Nominate any blogs you think deserve the recognition.  Whether I’m on the list or not, what I most want you to know is that those of us who blog about marriage feel such a deep mission to speak hope and healing into broken places…and to celebrate with you the relational successes you learn.

Share the love baby.  Nominate your favorite marriage blogs!

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