Wives, Have You Tried THIS Sexy Little Move?


sexy-move-worth-tryingOccasionally, I will do short posts highlighting one particular sex move that may heighten sexual passion and enjoyment in your marriage.

Today my tip is for wives—a move you can try that your husband may find super stimulating.

You can do this move either in missionary position or if you are on top facing your husband (that’s often referred to as cowgirl position, but I just refer to it as the wife on top).

When your husband’s penis is in you, reach down with one or two fingers and caress the underside of his penis as he enters you. You can even allow your finger to slightly enter your vagina as well, as he moves his penis in you (or as you move him in you if you are on top).

It may feel kind of awkward at first while the two of you are making love, so be sure to give and receive feedback on what is feeling good! You both may be pleasantly surprised at how arousing this move is. Most husbands find it affirming when their wife passionately touches their penis. And as a wife, you may discover this move is stimulating for you as well!

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