Event for Engaged and Recently-Married Women!


Pursuit of Passion ResizeA few years ago, my friend Kristen and I started to brainstorm dream about an annual event in Omaha, Nebraska, for engaged and recently-married Christian women to help them get their marriages off to a fabulous start SEXUALLY!

pursuitpassion0For various reasons, we didn’t feel the timing was right back then. But guess what?!

The timing is right now, because God’s timing is always right.

If you are an engaged or recently-married woman in the Omaha, Nebraska, area (or you know of women who are engaged or recently married), check out this upcoming event:

Pursuit of Passion Event
March 5, 2016
1 pm – 5 pm
Omaha, Nebraska

I could give you all the details here, but you could find out more, including registration information, by going to our secure website Pursuit Of Passion Event!

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  Register by Feb. 8 and be entered into a drawing for a $50 Granite City gift card!

And if you want to hear me and my friend Kristen talking more about it, check out the below video:

PLEASE share this blog post and the website with women, ministry leaders and others in the Omaha area!  Marriages will be better for it!

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2 thoughts on “Event for Engaged and Recently-Married Women!

  1. JustWant2BOne says:

    What a wonderful idea!! I’m so glad you and your friend are going to start this in March!! Kudos to you both for doing this!! I wish there had been something like this for me to attend BEFORE I was married or when I was newly married, but well past that stage now and I agree with the statement it’s better to not have to mend something later on down the road. Truly a wonderful idea! I will be praying for you both and for this event in March! May God richly bless this event!

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