Is There Still Time to Nurture Sexual Intimacy?

As a Christian who speaks and writes about sex, I get my fair share of discouraging emails and comments from people who have given up hope on sexual intimacy becoming healthier in their marriage.

That’s why it is so encouraging when I receive uplifting stories from readers, like the woman who sent me the below email:

So grateful to read your material. My husband and I have been married nearly 50 years, and we enjoy improving our intimacy even now.  I’m 66 and he is 67.

We have faced the many challenges of aging now, including working through menopause 25 years ago for me and the onset of ED more than 10 years ago for him. The fact that we have faced these challenges and sought practical answers has helped us continue to have a deep emotional, physical and spiritual connection.

Our hope and prayer is that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren see a model of what marriage is supposed to look like. We feel like marriage is an endangered species in our day and age, as we are the one and only marriage in our circle of friends that has lasted.  I’m truly grateful for the Lord’s faithfulness in preparing and gifting me with a great man to share my life with. 

Thank you again for helping couples keep the spark alive and putting marital oneness out in front.

I am so glad she took the time to write to me! It made my day more than I can say.

I hope her story resonates with some of you. We need more intimacy champions like this reader and her husband — more people who are willing to not give up and to work through the roadblocks to get to a stronger healthier marriage.

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4 thoughts on “Is There Still Time to Nurture Sexual Intimacy?

  1. Henry says:

    I too am nearing the 50th anniversary mark. This post, along with the one about sexual loneliness, really hit the mark. It’s never too late to try, and I might add, sex when you’re 66 is going to look different from when you are 26. If you don’t expect it to be the same, but something different, you might find the difference is just as good, or even better.

  2. Debbie says:

    It has been over 2 years since he decided that he no longer wanted sex and did not bother to talk to me about how I would feel about that I am so mad and hurt I no longer have any desire for him on any level

  3. Thom D says:

    Please pray for me! I’m 62 and my wife is 60. Almost at the 40 year mark. I told her we are done unless there is some kind of sex again. It ended about 15 years ago with my first low back problems. then again, then again! Then she went thru menopause. Now we are both shriveled in all the wrong places, but I started testosterone treatments for my overall health and depression issues. Now I’m also ready for some lovemaking, and trying to get her to respond. I’m hoping she will, she said she’ll try! If things don’t work out, it will surely be the death of our marriage, which has been on life support already for the last 15 years or so!

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