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How Is Your Marriage Doing While You Are Homebound?

rough-waters-of-being-homeboundIt’s been roughly six weeks since states started insisting several businesses temporarily close and/or limit services and that their citizens shelter in place and/or work remotely.

Every state’s circumstances are unique and every family or individual’s circumstances are unique.

The analogy I heard that succinctly captures this is that we may all be in the same storm, but we definitely aren’t all the same boat.

So how are you doing? How is your marriage doing? Is your boat precariously taking on water? Or is your boat steady and calm? Or is your boat feeling a bit cramped and rickety?

How would you describe your “boat” in this storm? Sure, states are starting to lift some of closings and stay-at-home orders. We are still riding out this storm, though, with all its uncertainties and idiosyncrasies and evidence of devastation.

If you’re like me, some days are better than others. Some moments are more bearable than others. Our marriage has maintained, but we are far from smooth sailing. But we aren’t sinking like the Titanic either.

We’ve made love sparsely, but when we have, it’s been good and reassuring. In some ways, I feel like the few times we’ve had sex have been escape more than anything else—a welcome distraction from the stress that awaits impatiently right outside the bedroom door.

I know the storm we collectively are experiencing will pass. When and how are debatable, yes. I’ve never cared for the phrase “new normal,” but I don’t think we are going to come out on the other side of all this without being changed in some way. Maybe in a lot of ways.

My dear friend told me that she thought she and her family would do far worse with being homebound, and she has been pleasantly surprised that they have faired pretty well. She and I both agreed, though, that it’s all getting rather boring and exhausting.

We are weary of the monotony, the social isolation and, of course, of all the unknowns of what will happen once the stay-at-home orders start to lift and businesses start to open.

So how is your marriage doing while you are homebound? Have you grown to appreciate some things about each other? Have you grown to despise some things about each other? And what have you learned—about yourself, each other and God?

And what has being homebound done to your sexual intimacy?

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