Does it Excite You to Have Your Spouse Undress You?

A good friend and I were chatting about sex, because she’s the kind of friend who likes to talk about that sort of thing.

(Imagine that. Me with friends who are open to discussing sex. I know. It’s crazy.)

Anyway, we both agreed we each find it incredibly arousing to be seductively undressed by our spouse. You know, drawn out and tantalizing and teasing, but in a good way that builds the intensity and anticipation of making love.

We both have husbands, though, who don’t always see the allure of this (neither doing the undressing nor being undressed).  It’s not that they are never game for it, but it doesn’t seem to occur to them how hot this can really be on a more regular basis.

So let me ask you.

Does it excite you to have your spouse undress you?  Does it excite you to undress your spouse?

If you and your spouse have never undressed each other as part of your sexual intimacy, give it a try. Bringing this into your intimacy can lower inhibitions and raise your sexual confidence.

3 Benefits of Undressing Each Other:

1. It makes for good foreplay

There is not always time or energy for a lot of foreplay, but what a difference foreplay can make, right? I think sexual arousal is such an interesting experience, and foreplay can be so instrumental in heightening that arousal.

I love foreplay. Love. It!  Generally speaking, the more foreplay, the better the sex. When spouses occasionally include undressing each other in their foreplay, it can intensify the arousal. And who doesn’t want more intense sexual arousal?

2. It raises our trust level

Undressing someone is incredibly personal and intimate. It literally and figuratively allows our spouse to have control over revealing us. That is something that typically we control ourselves.

When a husband and wife undress each other in the privacy of their sexual intimacy, it raises the trust level between them. I know that many couples wouldn’t identify it as such, but I think that’s part of what is happening in those sacred moments.

Deeper trust lends itself well to more passionate and uninhibited sex.

3. It teaches us more about touch

Too many couples miss out on a variety of touch in their lovemaking simply because they cut to the chase too quickly.  When you undress your spouse slowly, you get to touch all areas of their body — maybe areas that neither of you even suspected were arousing.

There’s just something about a mix of light and firm touches with our hands (and our mouths, if we want to be completely honest), that stirs so much sexual awakening and excitement.

So word to the wise on this, when you undress your spouse, take your time. Your goal isn’t simply to get them naked. Your goal is to have them so aroused by the time they are naked that making love becomes downright irresistible.

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What else would you say about the effect undressing each other has on making love?

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8 thoughts on “Does it Excite You to Have Your Spouse Undress You?

  1. Anonymous says:

    My answer is…YES! YES! YES! But my spouse has no interest in doing this and no way she would let me undress her…She is very modest when it comes to her body (which I totally understand given her very conservative upbringing).

  2. Nick Peters says:

    Oh geez. Let me think about this.


    This is one of the great highlights to me. If my wife just wants something quick and I have to undress myself, it’s not nearly as much fun. I also love it when she lets me undress her first. For me, it’s like opening a Christmas gift except I don’t do it quickly. It’s just slow and methodical. (One downside. It’s extremely difficult even after all these years to learn how to take off a bra.) Every time, I’m uncovering new treasures that I can’t wait to see. If I know we’re supposed to have sex that day, I even go through my closet and think “What would I most like my wife to take off of me when we have sex?” Yes. It means that much to me.

  3. Jeff says:

    I love to undress my wife and have her undress me. It adds so much more passion and desire to the lovemaking, whereas, undressing ourselves (in a non-sensual way) seems more mechanical.

  4. pastor says:

    yes i enjoy it but my wife could care less. sex has usually been something that seems required to do. She has almost no sex drive. She is willing to go weeks or months with no contact. Now she has physical issues which make it easier for her to say no.

  5. Mark says:

    It would be nice if I could, but she won’t let me see her naked much less undress her. It’s frustrating, but i have grown to accept that things will not change. If anyone needs to change its me.

  6. Jon says:

    I haven’t undressed my wife in years. She rarely is naked for sex and does not like me touching her breasts or even seeing her nude. It started once we had children and they were breastfed.

    With the kids home (Coronavirus) we only have sex at night with the lights off. Before we would sometimes make love in the day time whilst the kids were at school.

    I long for an interactive sensual relationship with my wife. We have talked about it. We have gone through some challenges posted on various positive sex blogs and I purchased a book from one of your colleagues to address this. No luck. I will keep on trying.

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