What Drew You Together in the First Place?


what-drew-you-togetherI encourage you to think about what drew you and your spouse to each other in the first place.

Pondering this can be powerful whether you are content in your marriage or you are struggling. Either way, it can compel you to stop, breathe and reflect.

If you are already feeing abundantly content and happy, such reflection can spur even more gratefulness. If you are feeling disconnected or discouraged, it may infuse hope into the desolation—or at least give you some space to decide what’s next in trying to heal the distance between you.

What drew you together in the first place?

Sense of humor? Common interests? Fun? Fascination? Shared values? Friendship? Physical attraction? Sense of purpose? Comfort? Adventure?

Do you remember? What was it that sparked your interest enough that you wanted to see each other again?

No matter how long you’ve been together, it’s good to think about those beginnings.

Only you know if you feel you can share your reflections with your spouse. It can be in the form of an affirmation or in the form of a vulnerable cry for the two of you to find that common ground once again.

What drew you together in the first place?

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1 thoughts on “What Drew You Together in the First Place?

  1. Running Deeper says:

    What drew me to my wife was her boldness. She was part of a singing group from her church youth group in the city. I was a country bumpkin. They came and performed at our church one Sunday evening and after church we had supper (drinks & snacks) so we could fellowship. I was standing outside the hall chewing the cud with some of my mates when she bounded up and told us matter of factly that we were the hosts and should be down in the hall chatting with our guests rather than keeping to ourselves.

    My first response was, wow, I like that spunk!! The rest is now history!!

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