How Can You Encourage Those Who Have Been Through a Divorce?


encouraging-divorceesAs someone who went through a divorce several years ago, I am intimately aware with the despair of such loss.

To this day—long after being happily remarried and even having a healthy friendship with my ex-husband—I still can recall my sorrow. There are still some triggers that sting and stir within me anguish and tears.

The agony was that deep…the loss that big.

Many of you, my readers, also have been through divorces and can relate to what it feels like to walk through something you truly didn’t envision would ever be a part of your life. Christians are not immune to this. Whether we know someone in our tribe of fellow Christians who has been divorced or we ourselves have experienced it, the prevalence is definitely there.

This is why I am taking the time today to highlight a series Shannon Ethridge has done on her site unpacking what divorcees most need.

I know Shannon personally as a friend. I know her heart and her deep love for helping individuals and couples. Having both been through divorces, we have walked and talked and commiserated over the pain and bewilderment of a marriage drawing to a close.

And while every divorce has its own intricacies and circumstances, there is a thread of pain that on some level is universally common. None of us heads into marriage thinking it will one day end in divorce.

The reality that divorce is so common should compel us as Christians to consider how we can best come along side people experiencing divorce and be Christ-like to them.

So with that, I want to give you the links to her series, which kicked off with her post titled Are Divorcees Disqualified from Doing Ministry?  Once you read that post, please consider going through the remaining five posts. I appreciate her authenticity and courage to speak so compassionately:

PART 1: What Divorcees Most Need from You

PART 2: What Divorcees Most Need from You

PART 3: What Divorcees Most Need from You

PART 4: What Divorcees Most Need from You

PART 5: What Divorcees Most Need from You

Within each post are pieces of wisdom, and I pray they compel you to reflect on how you can share words of healing and be a safe presence for those in your circle of influence experiencing divorce.

And if the posts stir some regret—times you look back upon that you now realize were opportunities to be more supportive to someone—please know that God is faithful. He wastes nothing.

Sometimes we are able to say to someone, “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you. I better understand now how I could have been more encouraging when you were in pain.” That simple acknowledgement overflows with love and healing.

Thank you, Shannon, for your heart. I so love your heart. And thank you for your willingness to keep things real. That’s a gift that beautifully frees others to be real as well.

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