Could We All Be a Little Sexier in 2013?

I was going to just ask the question, “Could I get sexier in 2013?”

But maybe that would be just too much information (even though I have started a new exercise program and my sexual confidence is at an all-time high).

See.  Too much information.

Are you a New Year’s resolution type of person?

I really do like goals, resolutions and all that motivational stuff.

I’m a bit of a motivational junkie, in fact, and sheepishly admit that I have whimsically bought pa-lenty of motivational books after scanning a mere few sentences of an on-line review.

Yes, I’m that type of person.

I start out every year declaring it will indeed be the best year.

I’m like a 1-year-old Border Collie who just can’t get enough of chasing adventures and possibilities.

Granted, this is slightly annoying to my friends who have known me for years.  My husband is completely used to it, lovingly rolling his eyes each time I declare with astonished satisfaction, “All things really do work out for me, don’t they?!”

So, as you can imagine, I am completely enthralled with 2013.  And we’re only 3 days in.

Here are 5 things I’m working on this year…

1. Being a better wife.

Yeah, that one comes as a shocker, right, seeing how my husband is getting a ton of sex.

Seriously, though, we all have areas where we can grow, and I’m trying to pay closer attention to ways to lessen my husband’s stress and increase his blessings.

For one thing, I’m going to stop leaving all our clean folded laundry in baskets. I’m actually going to put it in drawers.  Where it is happier.

2. Being a better parent.

The first born child thinks I’m a bit smothering, but I think “smothering” is just some code word for “deeply loving and involved.”

The younger child laments regularly that I make him study his math facts, but I think it’s just his ploy. He secretly loves math and just wants to torture me into believing otherwise.

Yes, I am striving to be a better parent. I think I indulge my kids too much (candy at the grocery store, endless TV and video games, poor attempts to enforce chores, iTunes downloads they can’t live without. You get the picture.)

I always say I want to be one of those parents who gives them just three presents at Christmas. You know, like what Jesus received.  Well, this year the “wise ones” brought a PlayStation 3 and a bunch of other stuff too.  Slightly more than three things each, but hey, no one’s perfect.

I think there are some lessons I’ve been laxed on teaching them.

I am trying to turn that around, whether it be instilling God’s Word in them, teaching them about financial responsibility, building up their work ethic and so forth.

I know. It’s a journey.  I don’t completely suck at it, but like I said, we all can grow.

3. Blogging every single day.

Come on now. It could happen. We are three days in and you’re reading blog post number 3!

See what I mean about being a motivational junkie? There is no recovery program for this type of lunacy.

4. Mastering some technical tools.

I’m not quite as technically saavy as I would like to be.

For one thing, I still use a paper calendar hanging on my fridge.  And I still have a phone book… an actual one, not the kind you can find on the internet.

I’ve got some room to grow technically so that I can better utilize my time.

Certainly I don’t want to be a slave to technology, but good Lord, I could at least get a calendar on my smart phone, right?!

And what about that Pinterest thing… I don’t completely understand how that thing works, but I think I need to be doing something with it.

Doesn’t the Pinterest world need more pins on sex?!

5. Astounding you with great encouragement about sexual intimacy in marriage.

I really do have such a heart for my readers.  I have a heart for seeing marriages strengthened in this area of sexual intimacy.

I am always scanning the horizon for anything that I can bring that will be of value to you.

I dream about blog post ideas. I’m that obsessed. Seriously.

Deep down, I think the world would be a more compassionate and God-honoring place if husbands and wives would live His Word when it comes to sex.  I mean really live it… live it like His heart is crying out for you to live it.

Could we all be a little sexier in 2013? I think so.

What are your hopes, dreams and goals for your marriage sexually?

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7 thoughts on “Could We All Be a Little Sexier in 2013?

  1. Frankie says:

    I loved the following line “Yeah, that one comes as a shocker, right, seeing how my husband is getting a ton of sex.” Lucky son of a gun.

  2. J (Hot, Holy & Humorous) says:

    When you figure out all of that technical stuff, please share! I love your list, Julie. I look forward to reading more posts from you (although give yourself a break if you need that Sabbath day once a week at least).

    I’m thinking of a new motto for 2013: Sexy is as sexy does.

    And I’m now going to write on my 2013 resolution list: “Have more sex than the Siberts.” Boom! Ton and a half. 😉

  3. JulieSibert says:

    Thanks for stopping by @Frankie! Hope you like the site!

    As for you @J Hot Holy Humorous… game on friend. Game on. Hehe! I agree with you completely… Sexy is as sexy does!

  4. Chanel says:

    I’m new to your blog but I already love your three 2013 posts, thanks.

    I am agreeing and aiming for being a better wife. I’m 7 months into my marriage and I really want to be a blessing to my husband. I’m also down for the increased sexy, I got my workout schedule going and the hard work is showing.

    happy new year

  5. Paul H. Byerly says:

    “Slightly annoying”? As someone who is very much the same I suspect it is sometimes more than slightly annoying. But my friends get blessed too, so it’s all good, right?

    You have our prayers for the daily blogging – you can do it!

    And you and J are both on for that contest!!

  6. D says:

    For me my wife is the sexiest woman in the world. I long for our intimate moments. I feel completely at one with her, “one flesh” as the Bible says.
    She does not seem to regard herself as sexy, unfortunately. The whole act of making love, before, during and after is the most thrilling experience I can imagine. I feel so incredibly honoured that she chose me to marry and that she is wants me. This all makes me want her even more. Really she could not be more sexy if she tried. I believe that for a Christian couple, trying to love each other as God wants there can be nothing more wonderful than the act of marriage. I am much more patient during the day when I know we shall make love that night and I am so much more patient the day after with everyone I meet. Simply put my wife is the most important human being in the world to me and I shall love her until my dying breath.

  7. Olaf the great says:

    sexier? what does this mean? What does it mean to me or another husband? what does it mean to my wife? what does it men to the most moral, Christ-like woman? what does it mean to say “I want to be more sexy” and do nothing!

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