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Cleanliness is Oral Sex Friendliness

I could print that on t-shirts. Or keychains.

“Cleanliness is Oral Sex Friendliness.”

Okay, maybe not t-shirts or keychains.  But towels? Yes! Towels are a possibility.

As obvious as it should be that personal hygiene makes oral sex more enjoyable, some people still miss this point. And then they wonder why their spouse isn’t overly eager to go down on them.

I’ve long said that showering together is great foreplay. When both a husband and wife come to bed clean, the inhibitions are already lowered right out of the gate.

You feel clean. You smell clean. You are clean. (No surprise, my post Clean Sex: Why Hygiene Helps Keep Things Hot gained a bit of momentum).

If you can’t shower together, then showering or bathing separately is another option before crawling beneath the sheets and into each other’s arms. Personal hygiene and profound lovemaking make for good bedfellows.

But I’m a realist and I know that showering before sex isn’t every married couple’s thing, and it sometimes isn’t practical time wise.

Or you’re already rounding the bases with some hot and heavy spontaneous foreplay and a sundry of clothing is strewn across the floor, and who really wants to pump the brakes to go take a shower?

Not me.

Still. This point remains. Cleanliness is oral sex friendliness.

So if you and your beloved want oral pleasure in the repertoire of your sexual intimacy fairly regularly, show some friendliness for your spouse and take to heart the below:

1. Clean everything.

If you know you’ll be intimate, shower if you can. If that’s not a possibility, at least use a warm wash cloth to thoroughly clean your genital area and anal area. It takes hardly any time yet can do wonders for making your spouse feel valued and respected.

2. Groom in a way that pleases your spouse.

Ask your spouse if they would like you to trim pubic hair or shave or wax your pubic area. My friend J has written a few posts on this, including Trimming the Hedges and What About Manscaping. She and three other fabulous sex bloggers also have talked about it in their Sex Chat Podcast episode Tending Your Garden.

I remember being at a birthday party, having a conversation with two other gals (both of whom are married and their husbands were at the party too).  Somehow (don’t ask me how) we got on to the topic of bikini waxing. More specifically, we were talking about a Brazilian wax, which removes all the pubic hair front to back. One of the women in the conversation had had a Brazilian wax.

Right at that moment, the woman’s husband walked up and she shared with him the topic of our conversation. His face lit up with a huge smile, and he said, “Yeah, that was so hot! I loved it!” He even elaborated specifically that he loved the way it felt for him when they were making love.

Genital grooming really is a personal preference sort of thing, so talk to your spouse. Find out what they would find sexy and share your preferences as well.  Or maybe try some grooming techniques and then evaluate.

A full on Brazilian wax isn’t for everyone, but there are a lot of options between that and doing nothing.

3. Consider the health benefits.

For women in particular, cleanliness in the genital area can spare you urinary tract and bladder infections. This is one of the reasons I wrote the post Doing This Before and After Sex Can Save You A Lot of Pain.

It just makes good sense that when everything below our waistline and above our knees is clean, there is less likelihood of unwanted bacteria in the area.  If you are prone to urinary tract infections, you know how painful they can be. You and your husband can help keep these at bay by coming to bed clean.

Long ago, a good friend and I were having a conversation about oral sex and I mentioned I loved it, and she asked for clarification, “Giving or receiving?”

“Both!” I said enthusiastically. And I think part of the reason why is that cleanliness is a non-negotiable for my husband and me.

After all, “Cleanliness is Oral Sex Friendliness.”

(Towels printed with that would make a good wedding gift, right?! Okay, maybe bridal shower gift!)

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