Stripping Down to What’s Really Important


stripping-down-to-whats-importantThis pandemic is surreal. It’s stripping away things we long ago took for granted. It’s revealing fears and concerns we never fathomed we would have.

It’s forcing health care professionals and politicians and company owners and families to make decisions that seemed ludicrous—absolutely ludicrous—a mere three weeks ago.

It’s exposing how ill equipped most of us are to teach math or Spanish or geography.

Breweries are making hand sanitizer. Little Free Libraries are now filled with toilet paper and canned goods instead of books. Home seamstresses are sewing face masks out of their fabric scraps to donate to hospitals. Professional and amateur actors, musicians and singers are flooding social media streams with stunningly beautiful inspiration.

Surreal on all fronts. Painful fronts. Desperate fronts. Generous fronts. Hopeful fronts.

As someone who speaks and writes about sex in marriage, I can’t help but think about how the virus crisis is impacting marriages on the sexual front. Yes, of course, I also am thinking of all the other stuff as well—the crippling effects on communities.

But for some marriages, I just have to believe this pandemic is going to bring the kind of clarity for their relationship that 9/11 did for so many marriages in 2001.

Is your marriage one of them? Is your marriage one where finally sex is going to become a higher priority? Will this pandemic produce the kind of fragility that compels you to strip down to what is really important?

God, I hope so.

Do you want to restore what has been fragmented between you and your spouse sexually? Because that’s where it is has to begin—wanting healing. Wanting to soften your grudges, seek forgiveness, extend forgiveness, work through the issues… like really work through them, rather than just give it all lip service.

With intentional effort together, you can turn the corner on the sexual struggles that have sabotaged so much between you. Years from now, my hope is you’ll look back on this pandemic crisis as your revelation.

Is this indeed your moment as a couple? If so, don’t miss it. Strip down—figuratively and literally—to what is really important.

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