Go-Giver Marriage Book Bound to Transform Marriages

What an impactful read “The Go-Giver Marriage” book is.

I was familiar with the book “The Go-Giver,” coauthored in 2008 by John David Mann and Bob Burg. Told as a parable, that book went on to be a bestseller because its message resonated with so many people.

Mann and his wife, Ana Gabriel Mann, have teamed up to take the same approach in their book, “The Go-Giver Marriage: A Little Story About the 5 Secrets to Lasting Love.” This book oozes with simple truths about what makes for a healthy and loving marriage.

The truths themselves are not that revolutionary. We generally know that a solid marriage takes love, sacrifice, commitment, trust and passion. What is revolutionary about the book is the style in which these truths are presented.

Told in parable and beautiful story form, the book challenges us to take to heart what it means to be intentional in our marriage.

You all know I am a BIG fan of intentionality. Huge! Whenever my husband and I start drifting apart, I quickly recognize we have lost our bearings on being intentional. Rarely do a husband and wife drift toward each other. We have to choose to be intentional in the big ways and small ways that we pour into our relationship—not just occasionally, but consistently. “The Go-Giver Marriage” vividly opens our eyes to what happens if we do that!

The book is an easy read from a time standpoint. You could read this book in a day or two. BUT don’t just read it and walk away unchanged. And don’t mistake being able to read through it easily (from a time standpoint) as a sign that it can’t transform your marriage in amazing ways. I believe any married person could learn and/or re-learn the truths in this book and then choose to intentionally impact their marriage positively.

Scoop up the nuggets of gold that can transform your marriage!

You can find the book on Amazon at this link (aff. link). You also can find out more about the Manns and their work in helping marriages at the book website.

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