Are You Practicing Authentic Sex in Your Marriage?


practicing-sexual-intimacyWhat an odd headline.

Are you practicing authentic sex in your marriage?

I actually stole the phrasing from an article I read on the website Medium, where author Nicolas Cole points out in a post that “every single moment, of every single day, you are ‘practicing’ something.”

The article is about success strategies in general, but I kind of started drooling a bit in love over this concept that we are always practicing something. You can find the article at this link. Any time an article causes me to pause and sit up and take notice, I sense the author has a lesson embedded in it for me.

Cole’s gist was that we are either bettering our lives or slacking a bit.

Or a lot. Maybe we are slacking a lot.

He even went on to say that if we aren’t practicing a specific thing, we are practicing not doing it. He gave the very basic example of flossing. “If you don’t floss in the morning, you’re practicing not flossing.”

The flossing example kind of made me laugh. Another example made me cringe.

“If you watch TV instead of working on your book, you’re practicing postponing your dream of becoming a novelist.”

Be still my heart. If you only knew how many books I have in me. Sigh. Message humbly received, Mr Cole. Thank you.

I also got to thinking about sex in marriage. Are you practicing authentic sex in your marriage?

My husband and I have not always been the best practicers, in this regard. But at times—many times, in fact—we have been stellar. Top notch practicers. And now that I’m thinking of it all with this kind of verbiage, I can better see the seasons and moments when we slacked big time in practicing.

So take pause right now. Reflect a bit on this concept of how well you are practicing intimacy in your marriage.

You don’t have to narrow it just to sex. How well are you practicing all kinds of intimacy in your marriage? This could be a profound conversation starter with your spouse.

As I have often said, we are always learning to be married. Nicolas Cole is right. We are always practicing something.

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3 thoughts on “Are You Practicing Authentic Sex in Your Marriage?

  1. Chris says:

    Here’s another good one. “Every day we are submitting to something in our lives”. Sadly in many couples ,the word “submit” has become a sign of weakness. A dirty word, because they see it as “giving up control.”
    Examples: You submit to rules of the road every time you drive.
    When you sign your child up for a sport, you submit to taking them to practice at the assigned schedule. It’s now your responsibility.
    When you submit or practice, you are giving. When both submit you are being vulnerable, and yet, at the same time you both are receiving! A win win!

  2. A says:

    The way she treats my penis tells me she loves me. Crazy but true. How I treat her body is a expressed love because I actually took the time to find how to bring her pleasure. God made her pleasure spots for me to discover.

  3. Running Deeper says:

    When my wife was reading this blog to me this morning my naughtiness started bubbling up. Sometimes she says I procrastinate too much in getting something done. Now I can say, “I’m practicing not being busy!” 😉😂

    It’s all about perspective, eh! One of my little saying in the past has been: everything I do is an act of warfare. The question is, whose side am I fighting on? I want to fight for my marriage and so I am learning to become much more intentional, every day!! So, I’m practicing being intentional. That means I can’t practice procrastination anymore!! 😳🙄😂

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