It’s Possible to Acknowledge the Pain and Cling to Hope and Gratitude


hope-and-gratitudeI know some of my readers are not from the United States, but many are, and today is Thanksgiving in the United States.

And what a baffling and—for some people—heartbreaking this Thanksgiving is. The holiday season is turning out to be a bookend to a long and increasingly difficult year.

To continue with that analogy, I think another shelf of uncertainty is on the horizon for at least the first half of 2021.

BUT even with all the challenges and the change in holiday plans for many families, I am giving thanks with a grateful heart. In the face of adversity and uncertainty, I am deciding to focus on hope, optimism and love—not just now, but also in the weeks and months ahead that may indeed prove challenging as well. 

And I am doing it while still acknowledging what has been painful and disappointing about this year. We can hold in one hand the genuine sadness, and in the other hand, the genuine hope.

What about you? Where do you find yourself this Thanksgiving? And I don’t mean location of your day, although that may be impacting your outlook, too. Where do you find yourself emotionally and spiritually?

Hear my heart when I say if you are discouraged, that is understandable. If this year has dealt you blows you couldn’t have fathomed ever facing, it’s no wonder you are weary. Give voice to your pain, and in the other hand, cling to what is giving you hope.

This year more than any other in recent times has taught us that gratefulness can be rooted in simple moments and gestures, rather than in immense or lavish abundance. In a year where many of our conveniences, comforts and routines have been eliminated or re-arranged, we are increasingly aware that the little things are the big things…

A kind word. A delivered meal. A card. A warm phone call from someone we love. A walk in the sunshine. More time to reflect and connect. Encouragement and support from those who care.

Wherever you find yourself this Thanksgiving, just know it’s possible to acknowledge any pain and cling to hope and gratitude at the same time.

May you be encouraged this day.

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