julie-and-randallHello! My name is Julie Sibert and I am Christian who speaks and writes on sexual intimacy in marriage. (You don’t come across someone like me every day, do you?!)

I am humbled and happy you have arrived at my site. It tells me you are interested in more authentic and passionate intimacy in your marriage. You want to be a passionate lover and a godly spouse!! Yessss! You have come to the right place.

The more I speak with wives and husbands, the more I hear a common thread—sex is a big issue in many marriages.

I am simply a Christian wife with a heart to offer hope, encouragement and resources on this sensitive topic.

I live in Omaha, Nebraska, with my husband Randall. We have one grown son who lives in California and another son who is in high school. Thank you for visiting the site! I hope you find it helpful as you explore more on this very important issue of sex. If you are just looking for my contact information, click here.

I love the Lord and I am tremendously grateful for the call on my heart to come alongside people in their journeys. We are not quite as alone in it all as we sometimes feel.

How did I ever start speaking on sex, you may wonder?!

To understand my commitment to the issue we have to go back several years—to my first marriage. I was married just out of college to my college sweetheart. We were in love, but ill-equipped for all that marriage entailed. Sex was definitely a struggle for us… just a lot of miscommunication and unspoken needs. We had a child five years into our marriage.

Eventually, my husband decided he wanted a divorce. Sex certainly wasn’t the only issue, but it was one of them. I was devastated, but grateful for the Lord’s redeeming nature.

My ex-husband and I are good friends today, and I am grateful for who he has been in my life—not only as my husband at one time, but also as the great dad he continues to be to our son.

I vowed if I ever were to remarry, I would never take sexual intimacy for granted.

Boy are my current husband and I glad I made THAT vow!!

I did remarry in 2003 and I have no regrets about the decision I made to pay close attention to our intimacy—in and out of bed!

Sex is area of marriage that too often falls by the wayside. It is an area that doesn’t just “take care of itself,” does it? Add to this that it is wrought with relational complexities, past hurts and numerous misunderstandings, and it’s no surprise that many marriages miss out on the tender, vulnerable and amazing sex that God intended.

In talking with women and men, I soon discovered that many felt isolated in the frustrations and struggles they faced with sexual intimacy. They were hungry for a safe setting where another Christian would speak compassionately and authentically… and answer their questions.

I am not a doctor or a counselor. I am simply a Christian wife with a passion about this area of marriage.

Want to know more? The best way to do that is to check out all kinds of resources at this link. Email me at jksibert@cox.net.