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What Can You Learn From Other Marriages?

One of my regular gigs is speaking on abstinence to teenagers.

I always ask the teens, “How many of you have seen bad marriages?”

Nearly all the hands go up.

Then I ask, “How many of you have seen good marriages?”

Nearly all the hands go up.

Then I point out that they will see many marriages in their lifetime and that they can learn a lot from watching them — what to do and what not to do.

Today I want to share with you a link to a series that One Flesh Marriage did, where they asked marriage bloggers to share vulnerably about their own marriages.

I highly encourage you to go to the link, where you will find links to all 11 posts. These are real people (myself included) being real about the dynamics of marriage.

No matter our age, we all can continue to learn from other marriages.  My hope is that these posts will enlighten you, encourage you and possibly introduce you to marriage advocates who you were unaware of until now.

In Christ and with gratitude for you — all my readers,


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