You Don’t Need Great Core Strength to Have Great Sex


core-strengthIt completely fascinates me that there are actual fitness programs aimed at teaching people how to do handstands.

Seriously. Handstands. Like that’s the entire program. Just handstands.

“Do you want to do incredible handstands?!!” the promo gleefully asks.

Um, no. Hard no. Don’t want to do that.

If handstand fitness isn’t your thing, trust me—there are pa-lenty of other trendy fitness programs from which to choose. Black light yoga, anyone? What about bokwa? Aerial fitness? Pound? Battle ropes? Mirror fitness? Spin classes? Pole fitness?

Okay, I might do the pole fitness just for comedy sake.

I can only imagine the look on my husband’s face if I installed a pole in our bedroom. It would mostly be me smiling, batting my eyelashes, and exclaiming “Nailed it!” after every feeble attempt to do a move on the pole. It would be the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

And then he would lovingly suggest we take the pole down.

It’s not that I’m against core strength. I don’t have a lot of it (yet?!), but I’m still a fan. Kind of like not being able to do an ultra run, but still admiring the people who have a penchant for that sort of thing. “Let’s go run 100 miles at one time,” said only a handful of people ever.

Anyway. I just want to remind you that while there is value to core strength and striving to be relatively healthy, you don’t have to have all that to have great sex. Lots of people like me who are still sporting the not-so-tight abs are having A-MAZING sex. Amazing!

I can’t do a handstand (or a pole dance. Who are we kidding?!) BUT I still love and enjoy foreplay, pleasure and oneness—giving and receiving. 

So if you want to try a trendy fitness program or even a run-of-the-mill basic fitness program, great! Just don’t “wait to get in shape” before nurturing sexual intimacy with your spouse.

Enjoy sexual touch and connection and pleasure in the body you have now, rather than postponing passionate sex for the body you may be trying to create.

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