Has 2020 Transformed Your Marriage Yet?


has-2020-transformed-youLook how optimistic I am, even in the face of navigating a year that has set its sights on undoing all of us.

Has 2020 transformed your marriage yet?

I’m still holding out hope that we can and will collect the redeeming factors of this journey. Oh Lord, let us pick up something transformative.

We don’t even hesitate to talk about 2020 as if it is a person. We attribute to it all the characteristics of people we despise. Ornery. Mean. Unpredictable. Crafty. Ruthless. Indifferent.

I’m writing this as two—yes, two—tropical storms are bearing down on the gulf coast after having ripped through the Caribbean. In the middle of a pandemic. And economic, political and societal upheaval. Oh, and Beirut is in shambles. And we are trying to figure out a new way to do school. And somehow there aren’t enough coins in circulation. And California and Colorado are on fire.

I saw a meme the other day that made me laugh in a sad pathetic sort of way. “How many beers exactly does 2020 want me to hold?!!”

And still.

I’m wondering if 2020 has transformed your marriage yet? What about sexual intimacy in your marriage?

This may indeed be a crossroads for many of you reading this. It may be a decisive moment presented as a gift, wrapped in a world in turmoil. Has 2020 transformed your marriage yet?

Reflect on the question. Don’t be afraid to stare it down and arrive at some answers.

When 2020 is done and we sift through the shards and ashes and frayed edges, we can’t just shove it all in a junk drawer and move on like nothing happened.

Although, if you have a junk drawer, there might some loose coins in there. I’m just saying. Hidden treasure abounds everywhere, my friends. We just have to be willing to look.

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2 thoughts on “Has 2020 Transformed Your Marriage Yet?

  1. Running Deeper says:

    Yes Julie, 2020 has transformed our marriage… for the better. It’s actually been quite remarkable, really!

    Yes, I still struggle with my self nature. Self really likes to take centre stage and can easily get offended when my wife says something or does something that may irritate me! I’m still working on this. I want Jesus to be central in ALL I do. I want Him to take centre stage, to be the foundation of all I do.

    So, I’m still learning, still growing, still dying to self and cannot imagine how much better marriage will be as changes continue. I’m enjoying what I have but to think it can still get better!! Wow, that’s what I’m aiming for.

  2. J. Parker says:

    I still remember that moment when I said to a friend, “Yeah, I’ve lived on the Texas Gulf Coast for over 40 years, and this—two tropical storms bearing down at the same time?—does not happen. Except in 2020.” Thankfully, Marcos chilled a bit. But Laura was no picnic for those who got it.

    Hang in there! ♥

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