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What Do You CRAVE Sexually?

It is a worthy question. What do you crave sexually in your marriage bed?

Sadly, “crave” in a sexual sense is a word we may too easily associate with sinful sexual desires rather than holy ones.

But there is holy sexual craving!

There is sexual craving crafted by God, not by the world. (Hang tight with me for a moment, because I’m going to talk more about those holy sexual cravings).

Lest you think I’m wrought with naivety on the state of some marriages, I know that some of you don’t crave anything sexually, beyond wanting to be left alone. And some of you are craving sexual intimacy in the right context, but you have a spouse who doesn’t share that vision.

For many of you reading this, sexual intimacy in your marriage is skewed and marked by miscommunication and discouragement, and for that I am deeply saddened.

I’m trying to be a shedder of light here; trying to inch you as my readers closer to understanding holy sexual craving.

Maybe such an understanding will help marriages start to heal. Or maybe it will simply reassure some of you that the God-designed sexual connection you long for with the person you married is indeed justified and genuine.

What do you crave sexually? And what is a holy sexual craving, anyway?

I know I crave quite a bit sexually with the man I married, and those cravings, when brought to fruition, say more about God’s heart for sex in marriage than anything we could come up with on our own.

Do you crave your spouse desiring you?

Do you crave the freedom of sexually pleasing the person you married?

Do you crave your spouse pursuing you sexually?

Do you crave your spouse responding with enthusiasm to your sexual initiation?

Do you crave what it feels like when your spouse climaxes?

Do you crave the safety of an exclusive sexual relationship in your marriage?

Do you crave the connection from sex that goes way beyond sex? The way it softens you to one another, helps you be on the same page, and brings more harmony to your home?

As a husband, do you crave what it feels like to climax within your wife?

As a wife, do you crave what it feels like to have an orgasm with your husband, whether it be through intercourse, or the touch of his hands, his tongue, his body?

Do you crave the reassurance that comes from sexually connecting with the person you’re doing life with?

Do you crave foreplay?

Do you crave not just the physical oneness, but also the emotional and spiritual oneness, that comes from making love?

Do you crave being naked with your spouse?

Do you crave more passionate sex in your marriage and less “going through the motions” sex?

Do you crave the privilege of bringing your spouse indescribable sexual pleasure?

Do you crave the exhilaration of subtle sexual touch and suggestion when you are clothed?

Do you crave having fun during sex?

Do you crave the vulnerability of being able to express what turns each of you on?

Do you crave your spouse being your lover, not just your partner in life?

Do you crave being confident in sexually pursuing and enjoying your spouse?

Do you crave being sexually known by your spouse?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, your sexual cravings are aligned with God’s heart. And though a list of cravings can’t solve our sexual struggles, such a list can enlighten us to where we can grow.

I’m just a shedder of light.  Just trying shed light, people.

What do you crave sexually?

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