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Profound Post About Purity Rings

Okay, I’m not talking about anything profound that I’ve written.  (Yeah, I know… some of you are saying to yourself, “I really didn’t think the headline was about something you’d written, Julie.” I receive that.  In the best sort of way).

The headline actually refers to the below link to a post that is authentically honest about where purity rings and purity pledges have maybe missed the mark.

Have churches and church leaders fallen short (albeit not intentionally) of giving teens and young people an accurate picture of God’s heart?

Whether you have sons or daughters, or even if you have no kids at all, I highly encourage you to read it.   And honestly, I think it will particularly resonate with any woman who has waited… and is still waiting… for a man with whom she can share her life.

I Don’t Wait Anymore by Grace for the Road.

Worth the read, people.  Worth the read.

September 8th, 2012 by