Does the Chaos of Christmas Leave Room for Sex?


time-for-sex-at-christmasChristmas is in less than week. I like to think that this is the year that allowed us to be better prepared.

We all became pros at ordering from Amazon (although most of us didn’t need a pandemic to get us to pro status). Many of us were home more, so the Christmas decorating didn’t have to be squeezed into evenings or weekends. And with all the together time with our family, we realized all we needed was each other’s love, so no need to do much shopping, right?!

In all seriousness, I know that while there have been some blessings we’ve seen clearer because of the disruption of the pandemic, it also has left in its wake a lot of stress and strained relationships and uncertainty. For many people, Christmas is a chaotic time anyway, so Christmas amidst the heartache and bewilderment of a pandemic maybe has caused you to become even more frazzled and undone.

My hope, though, is that even in the amidst of the chaos that you will make room for some sexual intimacy with your spouse in these next few weeks. With the right heart attitude and intentionality, you can carve out some time and space for each other and make love. That kind of soul connection could be exactly what your marriage and household need in these times of shifting sand. Sex can be great stress relief and just help us be softer with each other as husband and wife.

Does the chaos of Christmas leave room for sex in your marriage? I hope so. 

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2 thoughts on “Does the Chaos of Christmas Leave Room for Sex?

  1. Don says:

    The chaos of Christmas will have no effect on my sex life; you’re assuming there was ever anything there to begin with.

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