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9 Reasons to Be Grateful for Sex

Not that we should reserve shouts of thanksgiving only for actual Thanksgiving Day.

But in the spirit of gratefulness, below are 9 reasons to say “thanks” for sexual intimacy in marriage.  

Let’s be grateful that sex…

1.  Slams the door in Satan’s face. The enemy is out to get your marriage. When you make love often to your spouse, you keep the door from flying wide open.

2.  Is worth treasuring simply because you can!   If you and your spouse are not suffering from debilitating illness or injury — or separation because of military deployment or work commitments — then be grateful you actually can make love tonight.  Some couples don’t have that choice.

3.  Tells God that you agree with His Word and plan.  He knew what He was doing when He gave married couples the gift of sex.  Let’s be grateful for God’s holiness and generosity!

4.  Binds you to your spouse physically, emotionally and spiritually.   Sorry to state the obvious, but who better to be one flesh with than… uhh…the one with whom you vowed to be one flesh?  Just sayin.

5.  Reminds us that orgasm feels really, really good.  (So true. So very true. Well played, God. Way to go on including that nice little benefit).

6. Is a tremendous amount of fun.  If you’re doing it right.  And if you aren’t and are bored in bed, then good news: You can learn to have fun sexually with your spouse!

7. Doesn’t require any cash, make-up, fancy clothes or someone to watch your kids.  That’s right!  Let’s celebrate that sexual intimacy in marriage is something we can do often, without a lot of prep and without ever leaving the house.  Put those kids to bed early and head to the bedroom.  The dishes, dirty laundry and email inbox can wait.

8. Allows you to walk fully and faithfully in other areas of your life.  Want to be better equipped and refreshed to be a parent, employee, volunteer, ministry leader, neighbor, relative, friend?   Then willingly and enthusiastically nurture sexual intimacy with your spouse.

9. Burns calories.  Seriously, it does! (And today is Thanksgiving, so this point seems particularly appropriate, right?!) Occasionally, after my husband and I make love, I think quietly to myself, “Hmmm. Nice workout. Skip the treadmill tomorrow.”  Of course, I don’t want him thinking I’m just using him sexually for the workout, but can’t the sex be for a workout and for all the other reasons? I think so. And honestly, I don’t think he minds being used sexually by his wife! What husband doesn’t want to be the preferred choice over the treadmill?)

So, there you have it.

9 reasons to be grateful for sex in marriage.

Did I miss anything?

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