Having a Good Sense of Humor Helps When Talking About Breasts


good-humor-about-breastsI had the opportunity to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile.

She knows me incredibly well, and we have the kind of friendship where we can talk vulnerably about everything—including sex.

Before long, we found ourselves laughing about breasts. We were laughing about being middle-aged women who no longer have the firm breasts of a twentysomething.

We comically talked about how certain positions during sex display our breasts better than other positions.

Insert lots more laughter here. Gut-level laughing. And a few animated gestures of us trying to simulate what our breasts probably were like when we were 20.

These are the sorts of things you don’t think about when you are 20.

There aren’t too many 20-year-olds out there thinking, “I better enjoy the perkiness of these things while I can. Once I add some breastfeeding and two or three decades of time to my resume, who knows what’s going to happen to them?!!”

They are heading south, honey. They are heading south. Unless, of course, you are lying on your back. And then they are headed east and west.

Just keeping it real.

It’s good to have a sense of humor about these things. Otherwise, we’d drown in a pit of body image angst. And what good would that do us? Not one iota of good. Wouldn’t be good for our overall sense of wellbeing or for sex in our marriage.

Now hear me on this…I know there is value in health and doing what we can to take care of our bodies. I’m all for that. But there also is a lot to be said for enjoying sex to the fullest with the body you have, saggy boobs and all.

It’s not what they look like as much as it is what you do with them. And there is a lot you can do with them during sex!

Most husbands aren’t too hung up on what their wife’s breasts look like. I hear from many husbands, though, who long for their wife to be sexually confident—that she would not be shy about sharing her body fully with him and fueling passion and sexual desire. A wife’s breasts aren’t just erotic for him; they can be quite the erogenous zone for her, too!

It sure felt good to laugh with my friend. Every woman needs a friend or two who will sit in the driveway with you, drink a beer, and laugh about no longer having the firm perky breasts of a 20-year-old. Having a good sense of humor helps when talking about breasts.

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5 thoughts on “Having a Good Sense of Humor Helps When Talking About Breasts

  1. David says:

    I honestly think most husbands love their wife’s breasts whether she is 20 or 80.

    They are like poetry in motion, when they are covered up inside a nice dress sitting across from one another having a candlelight meal, My spouse could be wearing a loose over-sized sweatshirt or a tight top or sweater and especially when they are completely exposed during the act of making love.

  2. Ron says:

    You are right, most men do like their wife’s breasts and they don’t have to be perfect. I love my wife showing her’s off for me. I think most breast enhancements are driven by women and how they see themselves, not their spouse and what they want. I don’t think I have ever heard a man say “wish my wife would get a boob job” or even complain about their wife’s breasts.But they do want to enjoy them!

  3. Jim says:

    As a retired firefighter, I can tell you that when we weren’t out on a call, or training, the guys would get into a lively debate of the physical attributes they found desirable in women. And a majority of it would revolve around women’s breasts.

    And while most agreed that a large bust certainly caught the eye, the general consensus was that more than a mouthful, or handful was a waste.

    Overall, despite whatever the age, we men love our wives ‘girls.’ Why? Because they’re yours.

  4. Running Deeper says:

    Like the previous comments, I LOVE my wife’s breasts and think they’re gorgeous. I’m very satisfied by what I see. I must confess though, in the past my wife has commented on how her boobs are beginning to head south. I’ve worked hard at reassuring her that I love them just the way they are and now she no longer makes any sort of derogatory comments about their shape.

  5. Fiona says:

    Replying to Jim. Those of us with larger breasts have husbands who don’t think a handful is a waste. Surely some of your colleages had wives who were well endowed in the boob department.

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