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BETTER Sex in Your Christian Marriage

It Isn’t a “Magical” Ring. Surprised?

The more I talk with women, the more I hear a common thread about sex: They never expected it to be such a struggle in their marriage. Truth is a lot of marriages do struggle with this very sensitive issue. Getting married and making a commitment to a covenant relationship is profound. Such a relationship is unlike any other, as the good Lord is gracious to point out in His Word.

But there’s nothing magical in those wedding rings that equips us to easily navigate our sexual intimacy. Nurtured sexual intimacy takes effort…probably a lot more effort than any of us envisioned. Most newlyweds literally and figuratively cross the threshold of married life underestimating any sexual intimacy struggles. But talk to them months and years later? Not surprisingly, many will acknowledge that it has become a treacherous territory instead of a playground of Godly delight. The bliss of the wedding day has given way to a million other details. The couple that radiated with joy and eager anticipation at the altar now meanders through piles of laundry, messy garages, jam-packed calendars and whiney youngsters.

If you struggle with sexual intimacy in your marriage, you are not alone. This site is all about speaking hope and encouragement into those struggles. I admit it… I am a Christian woman incredibly driven to foster authentic dialogue on this topic. Honestly, I am so driven because I speak with so many women who are hungry for such dialogue. They’ve been hanging out in isolation, wondering where to turn, what to do, etc.

I’d love your feedback. Were you surprised that the wedding ring wasn’t magical with regard to sex? You don’t have to share details of your situation, but I value your insight.

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