3 Sex Tips Some Experienced Wives Don’t Even Know

Whether you’ve been married a long time or are just starting out, you may be wondering if sexual intimacy in your marriage could be more passionate than it is right now.

I’m totally in the camp that we should never stop learning what makes for great sex in marriage.

Be encouraged to know that even if your learning to this point has been stagnant or non-existent, there is no better time than now to start.

As married Christians, we should be the strongest advocates for sexual passion and God’s design of lovemaking.

So in that spirit of continual sexual learning, here are 3 sex tips some experienced wives don’t even know:

Tip 1: Focus on more than his penis.

Yes, the penis wants and needs lots of TLC, so you can’t ignore it. BUT some wives think their husband’s satisfaction is only about his penis.

A better approach? Recognize that your husband’s arousal and pleasure will intensify if you broaden your reach a bit. I know what I am about to share may feel like too much information, but I think you will find it helpful.

Many husbands find it incredibly arousing if their wife caresses, kisses, sucks and licks their testicles.  Ask your husband to give you feedback on the amount of pressure and types of touch to use, whether he likes light or firm touch, and where specifically he likes to be touched.

His scrotum and the entire area around it are sensitive and rich with nerves. Even lightly (or firmly) caressing his rear end and his legs can increase his arousal.

In addition to his penis and the area surrounding it, also don’t forget the rest of his body. Try kissing his neck or running your fingernails along his chest or playing with his nipples.

These insights not only may increase sexual pleasure for the man you love, but also will likely boost your own pleasure. I’ve always found my own arousal goes way up when I know what I’m doing to my husband is sending his arousal off the charts.

Experiment enough with sexual touches like this, and you’ll be able to write your own version of Foreplay 101 and Advanced Lovemaking!

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Tip 2: Let him see you arouse yourself.

Phenomenal lovemaking is rarely one-dimensional. For a husband and wife to enjoy sex to its fullest, I believe they have to embrace that sex is an exclusive and broad playground.

The hope, of course, is that the more a married couple gets to know each other sexually, the more enthusiastic they become about sexual pleasure for them both.

During lovemaking, a mature wife is as turned on by her husband’s orgasm as she is by her own. The same can be said of a mature husband — that he is as aroused by his wife climaxing as he is by his own sexual pleasure.

Experienced lovers know that missionary position doesn’t always do the the trick for a woman reaching climax. In fact, that position may never be enough to push her over the edge.

When you guide his hands and tongue to your clitoris — or you use your own hands or a sex toy to help you climax — this could be incredibly arousing for him as well.

Even when you touch your own breasts, run your hands through your hair or make any other sensual move on yourself during foreplay or sex, these subtle (or not-so-subtle) expressions could add tremendously to the quality of your lovemaking.

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Tip 3:  Pique his sexual interest long before sex.

There are so many opportunities to express sexual desire while clothed, without even saying a word.

When was the last time while sitting next to your husband at a restaurant or bar, that you gently reached beneath the table and discreetly slid your hand up his thigh and across his penis?

Even if you are sitting across from each other, you can gently run your foot up his leg.

Grow in your sexual confidence and you will be more inclined to touch him sexually while in public. For many guys, this is a huge turn on — that you would express sexual desire without saying anything. Certainly you have to be discreet in order to keep your sexual expression exclusive, but the subtlety is what makes it so hot!

You can convey a lot of sexual intention with your fingernails, hands and eyes. And you can do it anywhere — in the car, store, church, restaurants, etc.

Sure, a few sexually explicit words tenderly whispered in your beloved’s ear can add to the arousal. Tell him what you are going to do to him later. Or what about going commando (not wearing underwear) and then sharing this info with him quietly while at a party or in a crowded public place? Just an idea.

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What tips would you add to the discussion? Remember, we’re all just learning here. Life-long sex learners unite!

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