Better Sex in Your Marriage in 2022? YES!


2022-New-YearIt’s been forever and a day since I last blogged.

November and December were a blur to me (for good reasons and challenging reasons). And let’s face it—with what we all had to navigate in 2021, a little blurriness was bound to crop up, right?!

What a year. Props to all of us for putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how sloppy, treacherous and bewildering that journey was. Baby steps count, baby!  Baby. Steps. Count.

So let’s talk about 2022. I’m feeling eagerly optimistic about this year. What about you?

I am determined to encourage as many of you as possible on ways you can strengthen your marriage and your intimacy (sexual and otherwise). When we reach the end of this year, I want us all to be able to look back and be grateful for the progress.

Let’s start by hopefully boosting the discussion on intimacy between you and your spouse. Don’t click away. This may be EXACTLY what your marriage needs to jumpstart the intimate connection you desire and need in your marriage.

I’ve put together a free PDF with just four questions.

Yes, just four questions you and your spouse each can answer individually and then circle back for an invaluable discussion together. To snag your free PDF, click on the below button or go to this link.







I personally love the start of a new year.

It has a clean slate type of feel, even if I know the slate is never really clean. Our lives are messy, so it’s no surprise that our relationships and intimacy are messy as well. But just think of the areas of your life where you have made improvement. Think of the growth you’ve already seen over the years in various aspects of your life.

Use that positive reflection as momentum to believe the good that’s in store for 2022.

Change is always happening; it’s just a matter of what we are doing with change—and how we are creating it intentionally.

I’m going to do my part in walking where I’m calling to speak and write on sexual intimacy in marriage. I think married Christians have the potential to have amazing sexual connection, if they are willing to embrace God’s heart and vision for sex in their lives. Sex was, after all, HIS idea.

So let’s do this! Let’s make the most of strengthening our marriages in 2022! Grab the free PDF. And don’t forget to check out my past blog posts at this link, as well as all the wildly good posts on The Orgasm Page.

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  1. Sarah G says:

    Thank you for this pdf. A fresh start to a new year and simple but effective questions to get my marriage intimacy off to a great start.

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