Enjoying or Enduring Valentine’s Day?


valentines-day-enjoy-or-endureFor some, Valentine’s Day will indeed live up to its promises of love and romance. And for others, Valentine’s Day is wrought with disappointment and sadness.

Some people enjoy Valentine’s Day. And some people have to endure it.

I pray you hear my heart on this. Wherever you find yourself this Valentine’s Day—whether enjoying it or enduring it—know that God is in the mix. He delights in the profound expression of love between spouses, and He weeps over the disconnect and heartache between spouses.

As someone who writes and speaks on sexual intimacy in marriage, I hear the gamut of personal stories. People share with me their elation over nurtured intimacy, as well as their anguish over neglected intimacy. I’ve experienced both in my own marriage. Readers often think that because I encourage other marriages on intimacy that somehow my own marriage is spared heartache and disappointment.

But I assure you. We have not been spared heartache and disappointment. God has been in the mix when I’ve been happy and secure. And He’s been in the mix when I’ve been sad and unsure.

So on this Valentine’s Day, just know that whether you are enjoying it or enduring it, God is there.

May our hearts lean into relying on Him no matter the circumstances and experiences going on in our marriage. For an insightful read along those lines, I love the post at this link.

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1 thoughts on “Enjoying or Enduring Valentine’s Day?

  1. Michael says:

    Definitely a day of disappointment. Neither of us seems to want to make today a special day. Wife’s not interested so I’m not interested. Too many other obligations. Not my favorite holiday even after getting married.

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