Healing Sexual Intimacy in Marriage: Dr. Jessica McCleese Passionate about Helping Couples

Dr. Jessica McCleese and I met the way I have met other Christians passionate about helping married couples in this area of sexual intimacy.

The Internet!

Despite the bad rap that technology sometimes gets, we can celebrate the positive ways it is helping Christian married couples reclaim God’s purpose for sex in marriage.

The world wide web has made it possible for couples to find solid Christian resources they otherwise would miss.

I’ve been highlighting marriage blogs simply to point you to some of these great resources available through the wonders of technology.

Below are Jessica’s answers to a couple of questions I’ve been asking my fellow bloggers.

1. Why did you start writing/speaking about sexual intimacy in marriage?

I definitely have some of my own story to tell with infertility issues and past sexual trauma. I talk about both of these in my blog, though they have not really been a high focus. I talk more about the vulnerability and sexual trauma piece than the infertility since it has been more profoundly impacting. 

But the actual reason that I got started with all of this is because early in my work with counseling others, I kept seeing sexually related issues come up for my clients. Almost everyone I worked with had either been through an affair, had a history of sexual abuse or had a family history of pedophilia or incest.

I took this to mean that sexual issues were a huge area of concern for people and that past pains could be really destructive in marriage. So, I don’t speak often about technique or skill set (at least not online), but instead I focus on healing those hurts together as a couple. 

2. What do you hope readers/listeners gain from visiting your site?

More than anything, I hope that readers leave with a hope that God really cares enough and has enough power and grace to restore any brokenness that they have in their marriage or marital intimacy.

I try to write in a way that reminds others that ultimately our healing comes from God, but that He often uses our spouse to bring that healing. God has a far bigger plan for our marriage and sex lives than we ever understand when we get engaged. I try to play a role in revealing some of that plan to others. 

Thank you, Jessica, for adding your voice to the mix! It is a much-needed voice, and the couples you reach through your practice, as well as online, are better for it!

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  1. Anthony Innerd says:

    You speak of your own trauma, then we are speaking same language as you are a person and i am a person but that seems hard to deal with in a Church or to a loved one. Can you advise.
    Male married 25 years 2 boys 22 and 16

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