Intimacy Revealed! Will You Invest In Your Marriage?


Do you want more sexual intimacy in your marriage?

Intimacy-Revealed-Cover-Smaller1Do you want to move beyond the tapes playing in your head that say sex is mere duty or “just for him” or not worth the effort?

I talk regularly with other sexual intimacy bloggers and a few common threads appear:

There are a lot of marriages that struggle with sex AND there are a lot of resources available to address those struggles.

If you want sex to become a valued part of your marriage, you certainly don’t have to look far for solid Christian resources bountiful with ideas and suggestions and insights.

J. Parker, a fellow sex blogger who I trust immensely and who I count as wise counsel, recently released a devotional specifically on sex in marriage.  It is called Intimacy Revealed:  52 Devotions to Enhance Sex in Marriage.

This gal has a heart that is genuine to the core. She’s real. She’s funny. She speaks out of her own journey (I love it when people have the courage to do that).

Possibly the best part of Intimacy Revealed is that it is not overwhelming. You don’t have to read endless chapters before you start gaining momentum on how you and your spouse can strengthen your sexual connection.

Read a devotion a week (or even every other week) and I have no doubt you will see ways you can start making sex a greater priority.

J. Parker and I talk regularly about the ups and downs of marriage, parenting, work and extended family.

Oh, and we commiserate at length about sex in marriage and our deep commitment to encourage married couples on this aspect of their relationship.

We are two wives who love sex, and we want other wives to enjoy and treasure sex with their husbands as much as we value it in our own marriages.

With all the opportunities you have to invest in your marriage, consider it money well spent to devote a few of those dollars and some time toward better sexual intimacy.

In that regard, Intimacy Revealed would be a great way you can make that investment.

I recently asked J what she believes is the biggest misconception people have about sex.  Here is her answer:

In my opinion, the biggest misconception people have is treating sex as a separate, compartmentalized aspect. This notion covers a lot of mistakes we make in marriage.

For instance, doing everything else first and assuming we’ll get around to sex when we have free time. Or believing that sex stands apart from our real relationship with our husbands, that it’s a bonus and not part of the whole.

Or even those who think that sex is dirty in some way and want to shove it to the side and bring it out only when absolutely necessary.

When we understand that God created us to be sexual beings, that He wants us to engage in sexual intimacy with our husbands, that sex is an integral part of our marriage, and that our sexuality can complement our spirituality — we are aligning our view of sex with God’s design.

And from that place, we can begin to experience more and more of what our Loving Father wants us to have: a covenant marriage with deep pleasure and intimacy. (And yeah, great orgasms. He’s generous that way.)Intimacy-Revealed-Cover-Smaller1

She’s speaking truth, isn’t she?!

We need more Christians who are willing to savor sex in their marriage and make it all that God intended it to be.

If you are looking for a resource that pours forth in that direction, consider Intimacy Revealed.





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3 thoughts on “Intimacy Revealed! Will You Invest In Your Marriage?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with J that the teaching “sex as a bonus” is a major misconception in the church. Men in our church laugh nervously when we talk, using code words, about our sex lives. We all know that we need to perform certain tasks (this is what we talk about) before we can get “lucky” (obviously one of our code words).

  2. Steve Fryar says:

    My wife and I finished this devotional in 52 days. It is an awesome devotional for both men and women. I read this to her each morning in bed with coffee, just changing the female references to a reference for both of us. We have now started on the Sacred Marriage Devotional by Gary Thomas but will go back to Intimacy Revealed again and again. It is awesome!

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